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When you’re renovating a kitchen, it’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking about what the exterior of your cabinets will look like. White finishes or something a bit more colorful? Brushed nickel hardware or shiny brass?


It is also essential, however, to focus on what will be going on inside your cabinets. A well-organized kitchen doesn’t just look good – it feels good too, making daily tasks easier, cooking more enjoyable, and clean-up easier. Overall, your kitchen becomes more relaxing to spend time in.

Luckily, today’s storage solutions go well beyond the simple shelves and drawers of years gone by. Spend some time upfront figuring out how you want your new kitchen to function and find a kitchen designer – like those at Metropolitan Cabinets and Countertops – to choose the best custom storage options for your needs. Metropolitan’s in-house professionals design each project specifically for homeowner’s lifestyles, budget, and functional needs.

Not sure where to start? Check out our picks for five inserts, dividers, and hidden storage solutions that can transform how your kitchen works for you.

1. Custom drawer boxes with dividers

It is incredibly frustrating when you’re cooking and the whisk you need is tangled up in a giant pile of spatulas, measuring spoons, and can openers. Streamline your cooking with divided drawers to organize all your utensils, making them easy to find and grab before the pot boils over or the garlic burns. Metropolitan handcrafts all their drawer boxes in their 150,000 square-foot factory in Norwood, allowing them to create custom divided drawer boxes based on homeowners’ specific needs.

2. Hidden charging stations

Eliminate the tangled knots of cords and the scramble to remember which outlet the iPad is plugged into this time. A hidden charging station in your new kitchen lets you store and charge your devices in one spot, out of sight, but always convenient. A charging drawer includes integrated outlets and USB ports for powering up. To be even more efficient with your space, try a library-style cabinet that includes outlets and angled slots for holding tablets, e-readers, and phones, letting you consolidate your devices using only a few spare inches of space at the end of your cabinets.

3. Tall pantry cabinets

If you can find a spot for a tall pantry cabinet, it is an absolute essential. By stretching the storage area from floor to ceiling, you create far more storage area than seems possible. A thoughtful arrangement of shelves and roll-out drawers will create a space that can accommodate a whole kitchen’s baking goods, cereals, canned goods, and more, all in easy reach of the action.

4. Integrated spice rack

Having a wide range of spices and dried herbs on hand makes for flavorful, creative cooking. But a large spice collection can also lead to a big clutter within cabinets or on countertops. So, make room for a dedicated spice rack in your new design to make searching for cinnamon or nutmeg a breeze. A stepped drawer insert or a rack mounted on the inside of a cabinet door makes reading the front of each bottle easy-to-read, so it’s simple to tell the difference between the thyme and the oregano. You can even choose a narrow pull-out spice rack that allows you seamless, easy access to all your seasonings.

Charles Street Design | Photograph by Eric Roth Photography

5. Magic corner

The most common way to approach awkward corner cabinets is to install a lazy Susan covered up by a folding corner door. But if the look or function of this spinning solution doesn’t fit your kitchen vision, consider a magic corner, a sliding shelf system that lets you tuck your pots and pans neatly into the cabinet then pull them out for easy access when they’re needed. A magic corner uses a standard, flat-front door, for a clean look.

To get started creating the beautiful – and impeccably organized – kitchen of your dreams, contact Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops to talk with a designer at one of their 4 showrooms who can help you integrate all your favorite solutions into a fantastically functional new space.