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There’s no denying it, lashes have taken the beauty industry by storm. From specialty mascaras to lash growth serums to extensions and lifts, lashes have never been more front and center. Lash extensions are hugely popular and have a lot of appeal and while they look amazing, the maintenance they require might not be for everyone. Enter the lash lift, which allows clients to undergo a quick and relaxing procedure that creates lifted lashes that last for six to eight weeks.

At Ciao Bella Skincare in Salisbury, owner and esthetician Karen Damon heads up a team of experienced skincare specialists who are thrilled to offer a wide range of lash services to clients. Their lash extensions look and feel natural, while still delivering the “wow” factor that clients are looking for. Similarly, their newest service, the Elleebana lash lift, creates the look of lifted lashes that clients desire without the need for lash fills. “At Ciao Bella, we pride ourselves on offering top quality services. When it came to lash lifts we knew we wanted to offer the best, and we are thrilled with the results” says Damon.

Appropriate for short or long lashes, the Elleebana lash lift is a formaldehyde-free treatment that makes natural lashes appear longer, a perfect option for clients not interested in pursuing eyelash extensions. Using a silicon rod, each eyelash is precisely positioned for optimal lift. Having recently had this procedure done myself, I was surprised to find it was completely painless, to say nothing of the results, which I was thrilled with. Many lash lift clients will opt to wear their lifted lashes without mascara and it’s easy to see why, they look great – and who doesn’t love getting to skip a step in their makeup routine?! Personally, I’ve opted to add a quick coat of mascara on each eye for added drama and I have to say I love the results.

If desired, a lash lift can be paired with a lash tint, an especially great option for anyone with lighter lashes.

Of course, the lash lift is just one of many services offered at Ciao Bella, but no matter the service the level of quality and attention to detail is always the same. Interested? Ciao Bella is currently offering a lash lift special until October 12th so you can be you, just with better lashes, this fall!