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Keeping your skin supple and smooth over time can be a challenge. And while you can’t drink from the Fountain of Youth, you can rejuvenate your skin by going to a medical spa. These aesthetic medicine clinics enhance the feel and appearance of your skin via proven practices, along with the latest machines and products. Here are some of the most desired rejuvenating treatments that several North Shore medical spas offer.

Foundation, fill, and finish at Neem Medical Spa

“My philosophy on anti-aging is pretty simple,” says Rosy Sandhu, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician and founding director of Neem Medical Spa in Lynnfield, Winchester, and Boston. “I have this three ‘F’ rule, which is Foundation, Fill and Finish.” Foundation treatments build collagen and make your skin youthful, she says, using energy-based devices like radiofrequency microneedling and ultrasound-based treatments. A top choice is Ultherapy, which heats facial skin via ultrasonic energy so that it naturally releases more collagen and elastin to strengthen skin. 

Fill treatments employ judicious amounts of fillers to counter lost volume in the lips and cheeks and around the eyes. Finish treatments include lasers to correct sun damage, brown spots, and reddish or broken capillaries, Botox for expression lines and fine lines, and medical-grade facials. The Y-Lift, which involves injecting a filler under the muscle, is one of Sandhu’s favorite treatments. “We create an almost surgical facelift in 30 minutes without any anesthesia, without any sutures, and no downtime.” For home skincare, Sandhu carries ZO Skin Health, Alastin Skincare, and her own line, RSkin MD.

Rejuvenation at Level Up Med Spa

Dr. Maryann Millar, a board-certified gynecologist and medical director/cofounder of Level Up Med Spa in Andover, offers numerous rejuvenating treatments, including microneedling. “We have a device called Secret RF made by Cutera. They are needles, so we definitely do numb the face, but those needles gently penetrate the skin and when they reach their targeted depths, we measure radio frequency and that energy is evenly delivered to the skin to stimulate and remodel the collagen.” Also popular is Laser Genesis. “It’s noninvasive and uses laser to gently heat the skin, causing the production of new skin cells and collagen,” says Millar. Then there is InModeEvoke, which delivers what Millar calls a “nonsurgical lower facelift.” The device uses thermal energy to melt fat under the chin, then lifts the lower jowls. Millar also recommends a quality skincare regime that includes sunscreen.

Botox and laser treatments at RN Esthetics

For Michelle Doran, a nurse practitioner and cofounder of RN Esthetics in Salem, Lynnfield, and Newburyport, the spa’s most sought-after anti-aging treatment is Botox. “It takes ten minutes, has no downtime, relaxes the muscle that creates wrinkles and opens up the eye,” she says. “It also gives your skin a nice glow, and helps reduce pore size and redness. So there are lots of benefits [to using it] other than just [eliminating] wrinkles.” 

Also favored is laser therapy, particularly the BBL, which uses Intense Pulse Light and Halo, a hybrid fractional laser that reaches the deeper layers of the skin. “Both of those lasers target sun damage,” says Doran. “BBL targets reds and browns in the skin, while the Halo laser is like a skin resurfacing treatment. We usually do them in combination with each other.” For at-home care, Doran carries ZO Skin Health and Skinbetter Science, whose mineral-based broad-spectrum sunscreen is her top-selling product.

Photographs by Sarah Jordan McCaffery

Let your skin breathe at Dayle's European Skin Care & Med Spa

At Dayle’s European Skin Care & Med Spa in Marblehead, an exciting new treatment is the Oxygen Dome Facial Infusion. It involves placing a clear dome over the client’s face (treated with different revitalizing products) to deliver 90 percent oxygen that boosts skin health, immunity, quality of sleep, and collagen production. “We call it the glass facial because your skin looks like glass afterward,” says CEO/founder Dayle Ciampa-Goldstein, who has 42 years of experience as a medical aesthetician. “Your skin simply glows and looks and feels super hydrated and plump.” Another popular treatment is NuEra Tight, a noninvasive radiofrequency face and body sculpting treatment to tighten skin, melt fat, and reduce wrinkles and cellulite. Also popular is The Vivace Experience, which uses radiofrequency and fractional microneedling to build collagen, lift areas, and reduce pore size on the face and body. For home care, she carries several lines, including SkinMedica, Sculplla, and Epionce.

Dawn Tardif of BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa in Beverly. Photograph by Glenn Scott

Healthy beauty at BodiScience Wellness Center and Spa

Dawn Tardif, founder and president of BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa in Beverly, follows Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practices in her holistic approach to skincare. “We have a holistic facial called a Chromalift,” says Tardif. “It’s a noninvasive facelift therapy that uses chromotherapy (light therapy) and vibration therapy to lift, tighten, and tone the skin and reduce fine lines, dark circles, redness, and irritation.” Also favored is the Above & Beyond Skin Therapy, consisting of a foot soak, full body massage, and other therapies to foster deep relaxation. Lowering stress levels and reducing cortisol while balancing acupuncture points, chakras, and meridians, explains Tardif, encourages healthy, radiant, and glowing skin.

“Our whole concept is beauty is health made visible,” Tardif says. “When we are healthy, it is mirrored through the skin.”