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A great haircut has power. Not only the power to help you look your best on the outside, but also the power to make you feel confident on the inside. On its face you may think it’s “just a haircut,” but a great hairstyle can be so much more than that. Which is exactly why where you choose to get your hair styled matters. Now more than ever, a visit to the hair salon feels like a luxury and you want to have the best experience possible. Just being able to head out of the house to a salon is a feeling we may never again take for granted, so making it count is worth the effort.  

Salon Invi owner Chris Kishfy. Photograph by Adrien Bisson

At Salon Invi in Andover, founder and stylist Christopher Kishfy and his team are no strangers to pampering their clientele. Over the past year the salon has worked tirelessly to make safety and luxury work together. With sleek acrylic dividers positioned between styling and shampoo stations and at the reception desk, state-of-the-art disinfecting and purification systems as well as hand sanitizing stations, safety at Salon Invi feels like a seamless part of every styling appointment.

Kishfy explains, “Finally, after quite some time, we are looking at coming out of the COVID world we have all been living in and looking ahead to more normalcy. Thanks to masks and vaccinations, there is less fear. It really feels like this is the light that we have been waiting for. We are so happy to welcome everyone back, and safety and service remain our highest priorities.”

With summer quickly approaching, Kishfy and his team are putting some much-needed fun front and center by creating looks that are carefree yet bold. As Kishfy puts it, “For so much of last year people were in quarantine and just didn’t have many places to go. When restrictions started lifting, we found that clients were not only in need of hair services but were also excited about the entire salon experience and wanting to experiment with new looks.” As far as trends go, it always depends on individual preferences but, overall, color is in. Bright blondes, chocolate brunettes, whatever your color choice, “Rich tones that sparkle are ruling,” says Kishfy.

From a fresh cut to vibrant color, Kishfy believes in using the highest quality products on every Salon Invi client. From those that protect color from the heat and sun to detangling shampoos and conditioners, quality products are what keeps a great looking style on day one looking great until the next appointment. “Currently, we are really excited about a new detangling line from Oribe and a blonde collection from Kerastase that eliminates any traces of brassiness or dull tones. It is a really incredible line for blondes and we are loving the results,” says Kishfy.

Photograph by Sarah Jordan McCaffery

In terms of accessories, hats, especially wide-brim, are in, which is good news for every beachgoer—and their hair. Not only are these hats on trend, they protect hair and skin from sun damage. Beach waves have been around for a few summers now and aren’t going anywhere, but are trending more toward the effortless and undone look than ever before. Broken up braids are another hot look. An easy way to achieve this is to do a French braid and then lightly break it apart to create a more relaxed braid.

What was once a hair appointment is now a reason to celebrate. Getting your hair done and going to meet friends for dinner is something we did not too long ago without a second thought, and today, it’s something we are more excited about than ever before.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Protect your locks!
Sun on a beach day is amazing, but it can wreak havoc on all types of hair and color—so be sure to cover hair up with a wide-brim hat that will keep you safe and stylish.

When in doubt, pull it back.
A sleek bun with a cloth headband can elevate even the simplest look. Scrunchies are also back—have fun with them!

A good braid can take you from day to night.
It’s also super easy to touch up, and a ride in a convertible on a summer day will only serve to enhance your braid’s beachy, undone appearance.

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