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Have you ordered the main event of your Turkey Day meal yet? Consider buying locally this year from one of the many farms here on the North Shore. Get a fresher turkey, reduce your carbon footprint, and support the businesses in your community. Check out our roundup of North Shore turkey farmers—you’re sure to be thankful.

Raymond’s Turkey Farm

Family-owned and -operated since 1950, Raymond’s raises and slaughters all its turkeys on the premises, feeding them a high-quality diet and raising them in an open area. Going for $4.29/pound, turkeys can be ordered over the phone and can be up to thirty pounds.

163 Hampstead Street, Methuen, 978.686.4075,

Tendercrop Farm

With locations in Wenham and Newbury, Tendercrop Farm makes your turkey ordering as easy as pie. Just head to their website where you can choose your turkey size (they range from eight to thirty-two pounds, priced at $4.29/pound) and date and location of pickup. The farm also makes prepared sides like mashed potatoes, squash, gravy, and cranberry orange relish.

108 High Road, Newbury, 978.462.6972; 93 Main Street, Wenham, 978.468.0041;

Chris’ Farm Stand

The fourth-generation farmers’ turkeys are slightly more pricey, clocking in at $4.99/pound with a $10 processing fee. But they’re worth it—the turkeys are raised with no preservatives, no hormones, and no antibiotics, in a USDA humane certified cage-free facility.

436 Salem St, Haverhill, 978.994.4315,

Butcher Boy Market

A Merrimack Valley staple, Butcher Boy Market has specialized in meat for over 60 years. They offer fresh turkey sans antibiotics and hormones for $3.99/pound. Or, if you’re hosting a smaller group, opt for just a turkey breast, with or without the bone. While you’re there, stock up on cornbread and whipped sweet potatoes with marshmallow, and homemade mashed potatoes.

1077 Osgood Street, North Andover, 978.688.1511,

Smolak Farms

While they don’t raise their own turkeys, the North Andover farms offers Plainville Farms natural and organic turkeys for $3.99/pound. They’re also offering Thanksgiving meal kits, containing all the classic Turkey Day sides and pie for dessert, for groups between four and sixteen people.

315 South Bradford Street, North Andover, 978.682.6332,

Long Hill Orchard

In operation since 1896, the West Newbury farm has fresh turkeys available to order—give them a ring to find out more information. While you’re at the store, don’t miss out on free-range eggs, locally roasted coffee, and Long Hill’s own baked goods.

520 Main Street, West Newbury, 978.363.2170,