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In 2014, a UK based laboratory allowed a single artist to secure the exclusive rights to a black carbon nanotube pigment that absorbs over 99.9% of light. This exclusivity created an international uproar amongst artists. Soon, artists around the world will gain access to Singularity Black as Boston-area NanoLab, Inc. releases the blackest American made paint available off the shelf without any exclusive license precluding it from the art community following an inaugural collaboration with Boston artist Jason Chase. 

“On Sunday July 23, 2017 I unveiled the first American-made artwork coated in carbon nanotube black paint. I was contacted by the Massachusetts firm NanoLab, Inc. and asked to create a work that could be coated with their new paint called Singularity Black(originally developed for NASA). The sculpture revealed this month is the first of many pieces I will make with this new “blackest black” paint.

The artwork will be available for view at Laconia Gallery in South Boston on August 24th, 7-10 pm, and again on September 6t , 7- 10pm in Somerville at the Artisan’s Asylum.  The research scientists with NanoLab, Inc. and I will attend both events to answer technical questions about Singularity Black its availability to the public.

Being the first artist to use this technology, I want to share it with my fellow artists and collectors. It is important to create access so artists can use it. Artists are always the ones who take new materials and push them to new limits. This super black paint and its possibilities have been stunted by not being available to experiment with.  Starting with my work those days are over. I am looking forward to sharing my ongoing studio research in how to use and control it.  I will also be curating the first show of works using Singularity Black and look forward to discussing that as well. “