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The North Shore Civic Ballet (NSCB), a nonprofit dance company based at the Marblehead School of Ballet in Marblehead, Massachusetts, has been selected to perform in the José Mateo Ballet Theatre Presents 8th Annual Dance for World Community Festival. The NCSB will perform on Saturday, June 11 at 4:40 pm at Sanctuary Theatre, located at Harvard Square, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The performance is free and open to the public.

The NSCB, under the direction of Artistic Director Paula K. Shiff, presents the original works, ‘I Insist’ and ‘Saturn Clouds’, choreographed by Ivan Korn. The solo, ‘I Insist’, is performed to cellist Zoe Keating’s percussive, lyrical music in a journey of determination. The choreography of ‘Saturn Clouds’ represents a metaphor of outer space performed to Pink Floyd’s music.  

“Due to the length and beat driven musical landscape in ‘I Insist’, the solo dancer pushes her physicality to the edge. Although abstract, the piece contains a subtle narrative with natural gestures incorporated into the dance. Determination is not stubbornness nor arrogance but a clear-minded sense of where one wants to go, knowing some hurdles are in between, said Korn. “In ‘Saturn Clouds’, the movement and patterns of the dance inspires common themes from science fiction stories, gravitational waves, time dilation, thermodynamic entropy, and magnetic fields. Perhaps the dancers are not real human beings, but they may be the recurrent transformation of cosmic energy into a new state of matter.”

NSCB dancers from the area are featured in the performance. Dancer Mia Chung attends Boston University Academy in Boston and Gabby Todtfeld is a student at Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts. Performer Mollie Frederiksen is pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital.

For more information about the performance and the North Shore Civic Ballet, call 781-631-6262 or visit the organization online at