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Twenty-five years ago, CUMAR’s founder Ivo Cubi, a seventh-generation stone expert, traveled to the states from Italy with a mission to be one of the best stone fabricators in the business. This month, as CUMAR celebrates the anniversary of opening its doors in Everett, the stone fabricator and importer is both honored and humbled to have served its customers for a quarter of a century. On October 17, CUMAR will celebrate this achievement at the company’s big Anniversary Party and looks forward to 25-plus more years of being a cut above.

Additionally, CUMAR is happy to announce that Paul Guitard has joined the company as the VP of operations. In this role, Guitard’s focus will be on supporting and managing the CUMAR infrastructure. He will run the day-to-day business, as well as help build upon and maintain the company’s excellent reputation with clients.

Guitard has over 20 years of experience in the high-end residential construction industry. He was most recently with Woodmeister Master Builders in positions of BDO (business development officer) and COO. Prior to Woodmeister, Guitard worked for 12 years as a sub-contractor. He is very active in the building industry, having fostered many relationships with Cumar’s clients and peers. Paul is married and has two sons and lives in Northborough.


Carlotta Cubi to Participate in Design New England’s Women at the Top Series: TAKING UP THE MANTLE

The second in Design New England’s Women at the Top series: TAKING UP THE MANTLE will take place at CUMAR Marble and Granite on Tuesday, September 19, from 5 p.m to 7 p.m. “Taking up the Mantle” is a first-hand look at how daughters of leaders in the design and building industry have achieved professional success learning the family business then making it their own without imperiling the brand or family ties. Panelists include, Carlotta Cubi, CUMAR Marble and Granite; Alison Iantosca, F.H. Perry Builder; Julie Arcari, Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs and Carpeting; and Mindy Sevinor, Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply. To register for the event click HERE


Cumar Debuts New Stones in Linea Couture Line

On Monday, June 12, CUMAR Marble and Granite hosted a “first look” of the newest stone designs in its exclusive Linea Couture line. The Linea Couture collection, which includes many semiprecious gems and materials, represents CUMAR’s “runway” presentation of its most exotic and luxurious offerings. Guests were wowed by these new designs, while enjoying great food, drinks, and company. To check out photos from this wonderful event, click HERE


Featured Stone of the Month: Indonesian Coral

Indonesian fossil Coral is a natural stone formed from ancient corals, not to be mistaken for protected and endangered coral reef from the modern oceans of today. Of the varieties of fossilized corals found throughout the geologic record, exquisitely detailed specimens from the mountains of Indonesian are most unique and beautiful.

Coral, which has been growing in the ocean for almost 500 million years, thrive in warm shallow marine waters and over time are buried in sediments as the land surface shifts and the oceans rise and fall. For many years, ancient coral deposits have been mined for their high-quality calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium content which is used in health supplements. 

Suitable for indoor use, the Indonesian Coral is part of CUMAR’s Precioustone Collection and is only available in a limited quantity. To schedule an appointment to view the custom stone please call 617-389-7818.