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In response to increasing demand around opportunities for young autistic adults who have aged out of public school services beginning at age 22 to learn, grow and work, Bridgewell is pleased to announce the opening of its Rosewood Day Services Program in BillericaThis is the third program of its kind opened by Bridgewell, a Peabody-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and helping individuals with intellectual, developmental and psychiatric disabilities and other life challenges.

Rosewood provides unique programming for young adults with autism to acquire the skills needed to navigate their communities, including volunteer, recreation and social opportunities. The curriculum focuses on technology, physical fitness, community integration, functional academics and career exploration (or pathway) to employment through volunteer experiences. Bridgewell created the new program in Billerica as a result of the overwhelmingly positive response to its original two Rosewood Day programs located in Danvers. 



“We are thrilled to provide families another option in the area for high quality support services,” says Kelly J. Martin, Bridgewell’s president and interim CEO. “Bridgewell is dedicated to expanding our innovative programs to aid an increasing number of young adults with autism making the difficult transition out of school-based services.”

“Bridgewell’s Rosewood program changed my son’s life for the better in so many ways by giving him new independence and skills to live how he wants and deserves,” says Cathy Johnson, a Bridgewell board member and mother. “I am proud of Bridgewell’s leadership role in creating critical day and residential services that meet the needs of this growing population.”

Bridgewell’s Rosewood Day Services in Billerica provides families who live in Central Middlesex, the Lowell area, and the Merrimack Valley with a more convenient option compared with traveling to Danvers. Bridgewell’s Rosewood in Billerica total capacity is 45 participants. The program receives funding support from the Northeast Region of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

As a leading organization helping families of young autistic adults, Bridgewell is also hosting Building Bridges: Autism Journey into Adulthood Conference on September 22 at the Sheraton Framingham Conference Center. This is the second conference hosted by Bridgewell focusing on the transition at age 22 from the educational system to adult autism services and will bring together up to 500 human services leaders, professionals and family members.