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Screenings at Salem Horror Fest

The haunted and historic city of Salem braces for two weeks of cultural terror.

Salem Horror Fest returns with the 30th anniversary screening of ​Elvira, Mistress of the Dark​ with Cassandra Peterson, the premiere of Sony’s ​Goosebumps 2, and an opening night showcase of the new ​Halloween​ film from Blumhouse Productions and Universal Studios on Thursday, October 4th 2018. For two weeks, Salem Horror Fest will host a series of screenings, lectures, podcasts, parties, premieres and celebrity appearances that focus on themes of social fear and cultural anxiety throughout the haunted and historic downtown district. EARTHDOOM​ centers around a weekend of eco-horror with films that include ​The Return of the Living Dead​ , ​The Toxic Avenger, Day of the Dead​ , and ​Creature From the Black Lagoon​ with appearances by George C. Romero, son of legendary zombie director George A. Romero, scream queen and horror workout star Linnea Quigley, and the last surviving member of the Universal Monsters, Ricou Browning. Weekend of the Witch ​ explores mystical feminist themes in ​Suspiria, The House of the Devil, Death Becomes Her​ , ​The Witches of Eastwick​ and ​Rosemary’s Baby​ with a live podcast by ​The Faculty of Horror​ , and academic lectures about Hell, lady killers, and social resistance. The program will also feature a lineup of premieres that include ​Blood Fest, Sex Madness Revealed, Scary Stories, Wolfman’s Got Nards, St. Agatha and The House of the Seven Gables ​ with introductions and Q&A sessions from those involved. The festival runs Thursday, October 4 through Monday, October 15 at CinemaSalem, Peabody Essex Museum, Opus, BitBar and Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. Salem Horror Fest is sponsored by TJ Lynch Realtor, Rue Morgue Magazine and Daily Dead​. Single tickets and weekend passes are now available. For the complete schedule of events, please visit ​