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Soulful, Melodious, Poignant: words to describe music of another generation? Not when considering the very present and mindful songs of Will Dailey.

Dailey, 33, winner of the 2009 Boston Music Award for best singer/songwriter, has nurtured his passion for music from a young age. He grew up in and around the North Shore and moved to Andover when he was 12. He purchased his first guitar in Lowell and recognizes his stepfather, a local folk musician, as someone who helped shape his passion for music.

In 2005, Dailey was living in Los Angeles, but returned home following an unlucky bout with appendicitis. His luck turned when he went on to sign with his current label, CBS Records, in 2007. Over the years, Dailey has performed with his band, The Rivals, at venues nationwide, including memorable shows in San Francisco, Aspen, Tulsa, and St. Louis. Today, Dailey’s folk-pop sound has evolved and has been heard all over, even popping up on hit TV shows like “CSI Miami,” “Eli Stone,” and “The Hills.”

While Dailey is living his dream, he recognizes the inescapable stress associated with the demands of his career. “Sometimes I love that there are so many people involved now in my career,” says Dailey, “And sometimes I hate that.”

“Torrent” is Dailey’s latest album and this year, Dailey will be doing what he loves most: writing and recording. “I will try to over-stretch myself if I can,” says Dailey. “If you don’t ever stretch yourself, you’re not doing anything worthwhile.”

Rock Around the Block

The North Shore is home to many emerging musical acts. Here are three to give a listen to.

1. Machine 475 (Salem) Described as a music/art collaborative, Machine 475 offers a unique techno/electronic sound. Founded by Richard Lewis and James Forrest in 2006, the group consists of seven members who bring forth influences from Ireland, Africa, and Russia. Machine 475 performs at Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Salem, every fourth Friday.

2. Marina Evans (Gloucester) If you seek a mellow vibe inspired by the sounds of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, check out the folk-jazz fusion of Marina Evans. A Rockport native and recent graduate of Columbia University, Evans performs regularly at Dog Bar and Alchemy Cafe and Bistro in Gloucester.

3. Crash Kings (Andover) With the ferocity of Rage Against the Machine and the dynamics of White Stripes, this trio is quickly developing a following—and they’re doing it without a guitar. A recent tour with Jet and a couple of tracks on the new Warren Miller ski movie could soon make them a household name.