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Today, March 16, photographer Gray Malin comes out with his newest collection of photography, highlighting the Boston area. Malin took stunning photographs of Greater Boston via helicopter, capturing many landmarks from a never-before-seen perspective.

The images celebrate many of Boston’s iconic locations, along with some favorite North Shore landmarks like Crane Beach, Marblehead Harbor, Singing Beach, and Rockport’s Motif #1.

Malin has shot photography series all over the world in locations like Australia, Bhutan, and Antarctica. He’s known for his aerial fine art photographs of some of the world’s most iconic destinations. You can find his prints, including his newest Boston series, online at

“Photographing Boston was a delight,” says Malin. “I particularly loved shooting the areas where the city met the shoreline, creating picturesque and unique imagery that is quintessential Boston.”

Raised in Dallas, Texas and currently based in Los Angeles, Malin maintains a special connection to Boston—it was here that he attended Emerson College, and also met his now husband. During a beautifully clear mid-September day this past year, Malin shot his Boston series from a helicopter. It was one of the few series he’s been able to shoot during the pandemic, since he’s known for photographing exotic locations worldwide. 

Malin classifies his images as either À la Plage, shot from a doorless helicopter and capturing people or objects in creative, repetitive patterns, or Au Parc, capturing scenic nature areas and parks. He previously shot one other Massachusetts series on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Below, check out some of our favorite North Shore shots. Explore the entire collection and purchase prints online here.

The Harbor, Manchester-by-the-Sea
Nahant, Massachusetts
Rockport Fishing Shack (Motif #1)
Harbor Boats, Marblehead
Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester
Crane Beach Stroll, Ipswich
The Coastline, Manchester-by-the-Sea
Salem, Massachusetts
Marblehead Light