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Scripting Pretty

Contrary to popular belief, good handwriting isn’t a prerequisite for being able to do calligraphy, says Julie Mancini. She should know. As co-founder of Sip & Script, she’s taught countless people how to create gorgeous calligraphy. “We teach calligraphy, usually with a drink in hand,” Mancini says. “People can go meet their friends at a bar, but why not also learn something new and get a new hobby?” Since Sip & Script is mobile, you can find them hosting events at restaurants and other venues throughout the region, including North Shore spots like The Poynt restaurant and Salt & Grove, both in Newburyport, and Notch Brewing in Salem. They also do private events. Attendees receive a beginner’s calligraphy pack, including paper, pen, ink, tracing paper, and letter formation guides. They’ll learn how to hold the pen, get the ink flowing through the nib, and letter formation, and also have the chance to make a small keepsake, like a gift tag or a crest on heavy paper with a watercolor border. Mancini recommends arriving at an event a little early to order drinks and appetizers. Participants have fun, learn something new, make a unique item, and relax. “In this world of tech, it’s so nice to pick up a pen and just zone out,” she says.   Photos by Shane Godfry. Do you have a favorite sip and DIY class? Comment below!

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