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Sip ‘N’ Spin

For those who’ve always wanted to give pottery a whirl, check out the “sip n’ spin” events at Clay Dreaming Pottery Studio in Beverly. “It’s crazy popular,” says studio manager Heather Demarkis. “It’s an opportunity just to come in and try the potter’s wheel, which is what everybody wants to do.” The monthly BYOB classes invite students to bring their own snacks and drinks to the studio, where they can see a demo from the instructor before trying their hand (literally) at the potter’s wheel with a little ball of clay. It’s messy, no-worries fun because nothing gets saved: Attendees don’t fire their creations and are free to just play around on the wheel. “We call it taking the performance pressure off and just making it fun for them,” Demarkis says. For those who do catch the pottery bug, Clay Dreaming offers more intensive workshops where students form, fire, and take home their creations. But for those who just want to see what pottery’s all about, the sip ‘n’ spin classes are a fun option for girls’ nights, date nights, and parties. “Come and get your Ghost on,” Demarkis laughs, referencing the famous pottery scene in the movie Ghost. “It’s not that sexy, but it is a lot of fun.   Do you have a favorite sip and DIY class? Comment below!
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