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On Sunday May 6th, HAWC, Healing Abuse Working for Change, the oldest comprehensive domestic violence agency on the North Shore of Boston, celebrates its 20th Walk for HAWC the agency’s largest and most successful awareness and fundraising event. This year in addition to the Walk, we are excited to introduce our first 5 mile run. The honorary chair of the day’s events is Ray Carey, retired teacher and track coach for Saint John’s Preparatory School, for his commitment to social justice.

When the Walk first began in 1992 it was 2 years before domestic violence made national news headlines and was brought into the home of everyone following a white bronco. The O.J. Simpson murder trial brought DV issues to light. It was receiving national headlines as an issue that needed to be dealt with. DV affects everyone, regardless of socioeconomics status, gender, race, it is everyone’s issue. HAWC has always been progressive in responding to the needs of its community. The Walk is only one way in which HAWC has strived to make a difference and raise awareness.

Since 1978, HAWC has been providing life saving and changing services to victims of domestic violence and their children and serves 23 cities and towns of the North Shore. From Saugus to Rockport with offices in Lynn, Salem, and Gloucester.

The WALK for HAWC is a day of celebration. Everyone walks: men, women, children, babies in strollers, and dogs! There are many reasons why the community walks for HAWC. Many walk in support of HAWC’s mission- to create social change by taking action against personal and societal patterns of violence and oppression. Survivors of abuse walk to celebrate their strength and freedom. Others walk in memory of loved ones killed at the hands of their abuser. High School and College students walk to bring awareness to the violence that exists among youth in teen dating relationships and bullying.