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The most anticipated event of the summer did not disappoint. Not even the rain could damper the spirits of party-goers. Thanks to the support of dozens of sponsors and vendors, we brought the 9th annual “Best of the North Shore” issue to life at the first annual “Best of the North Shore” celebration on August 27th at Misselwood Estate.

More than 1,000 guests joined us in the celebration, delighting in the 20+ BONS-winning dishes from local restaurants, plus delicious spreads from Vinwood Caterers and Timothy Hopkins Catering. The libations poured throughout the event with product from local breweries, wineries, and packies, including specialty cocktails featured in past issues of Northshore magazine. And the bands rocked the house, literally.

A total of $2,100 was raised for our event charity partner, Beverly Bootstraps.

Stay tuned for news about BONS 2015! Also, don’t forget to watch our first BONS documentary here