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Editors’ Choice

Pipe Dream Cupcakes

What’s unique: No brick-and-mortar location—this mobile cupcake shop serves up moist, delectable treats in a rotation of more than 100 flavors like Black Bottom Cheesecake, Coconut Lime, and Fluffernutter.

Insider tip: Plan your visit early in the day—the truck often sells out, sometimes before it makes all its appointed stops.Fun fact: A lot of their flavors draw inspiration from childhood treats, like Drumstick (patterned after the ice cream, with a tiny cone sticking out), 100 Grand Bar, and Girl Scout Thin Mint.

What’s new: Pipe Dream is shipping cupcakes nationally, in cute mason jars. Check Facebook or Twitter for current location.



Readers’ Choice

Cupcake City, Reading

What’s unique: Baked without preservatives, these beauties are best consumed within 24 hours.

Fun fact: Cupcake City bakers spent nearly a month crafting the winning gingerbread house at the 2016 Boston Christmas Festival, to benefit Housing Families, an organization dedicated to ending family homelessness.

137 Main St., Reading, 781-944-0400,