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Title: Festival of Contemporary Chinese Films Location: Peabody Essex Museum – Salem, MA Link out: Click here Description: Only four weeks remain to see contemporary Chinese art from one of the world’s best collections. Mahjong brings over 100 works from the famed Sigg Collection to New Engalnd before they travel overseas. Encompassing a range of media from paintings, drawings and photographs to video and installations, Mahjong charts China’s artistic trasformation over the last 40 years. The Peabody Essex Museum is the only East Coast venue for Mahjong, which includes works by groundbreaking artists such as Liu Wei, Ai Weiwei, Yue Minjun, and Zhang Huan. Along with the artwork is a Festival of Contemporary Chinese Films. Ming jing gu shi (On the Beat), 12pm – May 2nd, 2009: (1995), (102 minutes) – directed by Ning Ying, (Mandarin w/ subtitles) Set within the landscape of Beijing’s imposing skyscrapers, Ning Ying’s film gently captures the dispensing of ideology among contemporary urbanites – policemen who patrol neighborhoods, women who monitor their neighbors’ fertility and parents who mold their children into “fitting” members of society. The Rising Tide – 2:30pm, May 2nd, 2009: (2008), (94 minutes) – directed by Robert Adanto, this directorial debut examines the meteoric rise of some of China’s most talented artists, whose works reflect the country’s economic, political and cultural force in the global arena. Among the featured artists are Zhang O and Song Tao, whose works are on view at PEM in Mahjong. Director Adanto introduces his film and answers questions afterward. Zhao le (Fo Fun) – 5pm, May 2nd, 2009: (1993), (97 minutes) – directed by Ning Ying, (Mandarin w/ subtitles), An old man, forced to retire from his lifelong job as manager of the local opera house, meets a cantankerous group of elderly amateur singers in the park and organizes the men into a troupe of their own. For further details, or more information, please visit: Start Time: 12:00 Date: 2009-05-02 End Time: 17:00