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Luna Moss

Newburyport, 310-926-8520,

Amy Reed of Luna Moss channels the creativity and style of her former career as a jewelry designer into creating flower arrangements that reflect the natural wildness of both flowers and romance itself. She favors using in-season, locally grown blooms whenever possible, to create custom arrangements that fit the style and aesthetic of each individual couple, whether they’re looking for creations that are large and elaborate or understated and delicate.


Les Fleurs

Andover, 978-475-9669,

Taking inspiration from the heady beauty of Parisian flower shops, Les Fleurs brings a French-inspired sensibility to its romantic floral arrangements. The award-winning shop delivers impeccable service and style to any wedding floral arrangement, and doesn’t stop at just flowers; its heirloom rentals—think vintage bicycles, rustic wheelbarrows, and delicate glass vials—add an extra element of charm. Its owner, Sandra Shaheen-Sigman, brings impeccable style and personal kindness to every couple she works with.


Readers’ Choice

Blooms of Boston

Middleton, 781-520-0940,

With more than 20 years of combined experience, the women at the helm of Blooms of Boston are devoted to creating floral designs that are young and modern, filled with rich texture and beautiful details. It’s a philosophy that’s perfect for couples tying the knot here on the North Shore. Blooms of Boston uses the freshest in-season blooms for their creations, working closely with couples to design floral arrangements that speak to and enhance the ambiance of their event.