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Fly Louie announced the launch of its private air service between Boston and Nantucket starting on July 19, 2019. The airline is leading the future of luxury lifestyle air travel with reliable service and speed at prices that are accessible to commercial travelers, offering single seat bookings on private flights. With convenient flights from Hanscom Field in Bedford—Fly Louie passengers avoid Logan airport congestion and enjoy hassle-free travel to their Nantucket weekend getaways.

“We’re so excited for the launch of our service between Boston and Nantucket. I’ve been working with my team on this over the past year—seeking out the most convenient airport and the most reliable flight options to the island,” says Julia Takeda, founder and CEO of Fly Louie. “Our goal is to serve the community in and around Boston with convenience, comfort, and speed.”

Fly Louie benefits include instant online booking, easy check-in at the private terminal 15 minutes before departure, complimentary parking onsite, inflight amenities and local snacks and beverages. Tickets are now available at $495+tax every Friday and Sunday starting July 19 through Labor Day. On Sundays Fly Louie offers off-peak flights to Nantucket for $195+tax. There are no change fees, no baggage claim, and dogs and golf clubs fly free.

Fly Louie’s inaugural flight was in the summer of 2017 with service between Westchester, New York, and Nantucket. Today Fly Louie operates 26 flights from Memorial Day through Labor Day on their New York-Nantucket shuttle. The company’s primary aircraft is the King Air 350, which is dubbed the world’s most popular turboprop aircraft and is environmentally friendly with eight luxurious leather seats. 

Travelers on Fly Louie’s existing routes are already believers. Fly Louie has a best-in-class Net Promoter Score of 96—a measure of customer experience that beats Delta, Southwest and JetBlue. Frequent travelers cite Fly Louie’s reliability, high touch customer service and speed.

The name Fly Louie is in honor of Takeda’s great uncle Lou, who immigrated from Europe in 1919 and built a business in South Dakota that helped to bring the rest of his family safely to the U.S. Takeda says the Fly Louie name “honors his entrepreneurial spirit and determination, while inviting more folks to become a part of the family.” 

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