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In June, Lazarus House received the exciting news that the Ministry was one of 130 local nonprofits to receive a 4-year, $100,000 grant through Cummings Foundation’s $20 Million Grant Program. In September, Lazarus House learned that the 4-year grant was elevated to a $250,000 grant paid over 10 years.

Lazarus House will use the grant to sustain and expand their services and advocacy for families in its emergency Shelter and Capernaum Place transitional housing programs. 

Lazarus House helps courageous women, men, and children living in poverty restore their dignity and self-respect, offering life-saving services in the areas of food, shelter, clothing, and work preparation. Lazarus House serves over 25,000 households annually. 

Last year, 33 families and singles moved on from the Lazarus House’s programs into long-term housing and improved their financial position by building income or reducing debt. 

“The individualized case management and practical life skills workshops provided by the skilled and passionate advocates enable families to succeed,” said Laura Miller, Lazarus House Grants Manager. “The foundation of a caring and personalized environment and life guidance make the Guests feel valued and special, a foundation from which they can build their own success stories.”

The 10-year grant enables Lazarus House to dream big and set the stage for even more success for Guests. 

Next month, the emergency shelter will re-open as a meticulously renovated home with five self-contained family suites. This new layout, made possible by volunteer and professional contractors, allows for the mandated physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers a dignified, physical space for families struggling with homelessness to rebuild their lives. The need is great and expected to grow. Since March, Lazarus House has experienced a 37% increase in the number of Guests using the Food Pantry and an 81% increase in the Soup Kitchen. 

Jeff Hassel, Lazarus House Executive Director, said, “this year has required us to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing landscape. Having a source of sustained funding takes us out of survival mode and into a place where we can move toward our long-term vision, even under challenging circumstances.” 

“Greater Boston is so fortunate to have nonprofits like Lazarus House that are listening to the community and working to meet its needs,” said Cummings Foundation grants manager Christina Berthelsen. “By providing a full decade of support, we hope to alleviate some of the constant fundraising burden, enabling nonprofit staff to spend more time actually providing services.” 

The long-term funding is part of the Cummings $20 Million Grant Program, which supports Massachusetts nonprofits that are based in and primarily serve Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties. The Cummings Foundation has now awarded more than $280 million to Greater Boston nonprofits alone. 

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