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St. John’s Prep offers a vibrant atmosphere where its students-a diverse community of young men from more than 80 communities-benefit from a tradition of academic excellence, individual attention, cutting-edge educational technology, and engaging arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Founded by the Xaverian Brothers in 1907, St. John’s remains committed to their original ideals of faith, brotherhood and wisdom. The school’s beautiful 175-acre campus offers numerous amenities including a 24,000-square-foot library and technology center, wireless internet, well-equipped science labs, an arts center, and turf fields. Challenging and supportive, traditional and innovative, St. John’s is a place where students learn to lead in an environment that values success and service to others.

“We nurture the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and creative growth of our students, and because of that, each one finds his place to grow and flourish at St. John’s.” -Edward P. Hardiman, PhD, Headmaster, St. John’s Prep

Founded in 1971, Landmark School was created with the goal of educating students whose academic skills did not match their thinking and problem-solving capacities.  Growing from a campus of 40 students to one of 460, the school is located on two North Shore campuses with a faculty of more than 300. This coeducational boarding and day school offers a full range of personalized programs for students with language-based learning disabilities in grades 2-12, including a residential program for grades 9-12. In addition, Landmark offers a summer program (grades 1-12) which includes a daily one-to-one tutorial. Small classes are the norm, with an average size of only 4-8 students and a teacher-student ratio of 1:3. Administration and faculty are proud of the fact that 92% of their 2012 graduates attended college.

“Landmark is the premier school in the United States for students diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities. Our customized remedial skills-based programs, one-to-one tutorials, exciting extracurriculars, and personalized support practically assure success for our students.” -Robert Broudo, Headmaster, Landmark School

Covenant Christian Academy is a Classical and Christian coeducational day school for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 and offers the advantages of a preparatory school education that is rooted in faith and the ideas that have shaped our culture.  As a reflection of its motto-“Dedicated to Excellence. Anchored in Truth.”-students enjoy small classes and focused attention from exceptional educators, and are challenged to read widely, think critically, and write well. Covenant students prize truth, sincerity, mutual respect, and strength of character, and are encouraged to embrace the broad range of skills crucial to their later success. The school cultivates strong young leaders who excel in academics, develop athletic and artistic gifts, engage in the life of the school community, and grow healthy, lifelong friendships.

“Our academic program promotes classical ideas and commonsense values in a supportive community where students flourish. Come take a closer look-I think you’ll like what you see.” -Dr. Tom Stoner, Head of School

For nearly two decades, Sparhawk School has provided an ideal environment for students who display generosity of spirit, academic ability, and the desire to succeed in a culture of kindness. A private coeducational day school, Sparhawk’s philosophy is one that honors children and celebrates ideas.  With small class sizes, students can get the attention they need, and are challenged to develop critical and creative thinking skills through thematically integrated studies. This approach has contributed to enormous student success; 100% of Sparhawk graduates have been accepted to at least one of their top three college choices. This year, the school is pleased to welcome 11 new Chinese students, who will complete their secondary education at Sparhawk. In addition, new offerings at Sparkhawk include an expanded sports program that offers both golf and archery; a new science club: sustainable farming; and continued growth within the school’s new performing arts center.

“Our purpose is to cultivate independent thinking, protect children’s natural joy and ease in learning, and to preserve each child’s sense of creativity, curiosity, and self esteem.” -Louise Stilphen, Headmaster, Sparhawk School

Founded in 1912, Tower School combines rigorous academics with a genuine, warm, nurturing environment. As the oldest independent school on the North Shore, Tower melds the best of traditional educational philosophies with innovative programs; each student in grades 3-8 has access to their own personal iPad for both school and home use. It’s no surprise that graduates have tremendous success in secondary school, college, and beyond; Tower’s students are not only passionate about learning, but are able to thrive in small classes with high levels of individualized teacher interaction. A community school, Tower students participate in local sports, the arts, community service, and enjoy an ongoing relationship with the Peabody Essex Museum.

“Tower is filled with bright students with a wide variety of interests and personalities. We’re proud that we’ve created a culture where they feel the support, excitement, and encouragement necessary to take academic risks, laugh, and grow.” -Peter Philip, Head of School, Tower School

Heronfield Academy, located in bucolic Hampton Falls, NH, is dedicated to nurturing and teaching middle school students. An independent school by design, Heronfield builds on the joy of learning while helping students to discover their moral compass; the community adheres to the key concepts of honesty, respect, diligence, celebration, and caring. With small classes taught by inspired educators, students are held to high academic standards in all core curriculum subjects including mathematics, science, history, English, history, visual arts, performing arts, foreign language, music, and physical education. Heronfield reinforces a deeper understanding of the value of interdisciplinary work; teachers partner to plan curricular, setting the stage for students to collaborate and learn together.

“The middle school years are extremely important-a time when students grow and develop in ways that are both exciting and new, challenging and rewarding. Heronfield’s extraordinary teachers honor this phase in our students’ lives with excitement, energy, and unfailing support.” -Martha Shepardson-Killam, Head of School, Heronfield Academy

Central Catholic High School is a coeducational college preparatory high school with an enrollment of over 1,350 students who come from 50 towns and four countries. Founded by the Marist Brothers in 1935, the school embraces students with diverse ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds; as a testament to its excellence, the school is proud to report that 100% of its graduates receive college acceptance. Advanced Placement and honors courses are available in a variety of disciplines, and students may also choose from dual-credit university courses in physics and forensics. Instruction is offered in many areas including fine, performing, and visual arts, as well as choral music and theatre. Student activities, interscholastic athletics and community service programs are also integral to the student life experience.

“Our talented faculty and staff are passionate about education and devoted to our students. They ensure that quality learning takes place in the classroom and fully commit themselves to the students’ total high school experience.” -Doreen Keller, Principal, Central Catholic High School

Founded in 1763 on a beautiful 450-acre campus, The Governor’s Academy combines centuries of tradition with constant educational innovation. Students flourish in a diverse community defined by small classes, extraordinary facilities, enduring relationships with teachers, and a thoughtful balance of academics, athletics, arts and civic duty. Community service has long been a tradition at the Academy, and each student completes at least 50 hours of before graduating; even the school motto, “non sibi sed aliis,” is Latin for “not for self but for others.” As the oldest continuously operating boarding school in America, this year marks the 250th anniversary of The Governor’s Academy; renowned supporters have included Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. Details of the school’s storied past and promising future and can be found at

“The Governor’s Academy is one of the few competitive boarding schools that has been able to balance rigor and nurture for its students. Bright, talented, and ambitious students strive to excel academically, athletically, and artistically in an environment that allows them to not only reach their full potential, but also become fully engaged members of the community.”- Director of Admission, Mike Kinnealey

Set among the beautiful mountains of northern New Hampshire, The White Mountain School is a coeducational college preparatory school. Since its founding in 1886, the School has maintained an intentionally small size in order to foster strong, lifelong, community relationships. Talented faculty members support and challenge students through a liberal arts curriculum that focuses more on discussion than lecture; in this way, students become critical thinkers who can articulate ideas with clarity and precision. White Mountain also offers extracurricular opportunities that nurture students’ talents and passions, including soccer, lacrosse, rock climbing, mountain biking, white-water kayaking, hiking, yoga, theater, farm and forest, snowboarding, and skiing. Offered twice a year, off campus field courses are a unique component of the academic program. Advanced placement courses and honor options are also available.

“Students deserve a school where they are truly engaged-engaged in their learning and engaged in the community.  This is at the center of what we do, how we operate.”-Timothy Breen, Ph.D, Head of School, The White Mountain School

Founded in 1956, Brookwood School is a coeducational day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8; the school’s 400 students come from more than 30

communities. For over 50 years, Brookwood has given students a lifelong love of learning and has graduated academically accomplished young adults of conscience, character and compassion. Brookwood believes in both the development of the mind and the self, combining rigor with compassion, excellence with exuberance, and self-discovery with sensitivity to others. This year, Brookwood implemented a Strategic Plan to significantly increase its offerings. In light of its new partnerships and

alliances with world-class universities and organizations, the addition of Mandarin to its World Language program, the installation of two turf athletic fields, and reconfigured learning spaces in the Lower School, Brookwood will continue to help its students achieve the highest levels of success.

“We provide a warm school environment where students are intellectually challenged, supported and encouraged by teachers and peers alike. Our graduates are well prepared for the future because they have felt personally recognized and emotionally safe.  The strong partnership between Brookwood and parents adds to this community of support and care for high academic goals.” -John Peterman, Head of School, Brookwood School

Clark School provides a quality education with a deep sense of mutual respect, fairness, shared responsibility, open communication, and cheerful cooperation. Founded in 1978, the school offers a stimulating, multi-age learning environment for children in kindergarten through grade 12, and is as committed to emotional and social growth as it is to academic excellence. Since classes are capped at 16 students, teachers can truly customize each child’s education; as a result, students who are academically or socially lost in larger classrooms quickly thrive in Clark’s supportive, non-competitive environment. Because students are encouraged to take risks and to learn from their errors, they strengthen their self-esteem and accountability and develop well-earned maturity.

“Clark School endeavors to be a safe, stimulating, low anxiety, supportive environment for young men and women. By keeping tuition low and education strong, we can reinvent the high school experience while organizing kids and making education fun and more available.”-Jeff Clark, Head of School, The Clark School

Using an educational approach based on time-tested insights into child development, Cape Ann Waldorf School cultivates strong, balanced children who view life as a constant opportunity to learn and explore. Students in nursery through eighth grade not only participate in a robust curriculum in the humanities, math, science, foreign language, music, movement, and visual and practical arts; they also engage in active, imaginative lessons, and enjoy all the pastoral benefits of the school’s grounds on historic Moraine Farm. Cape Ann Waldorf recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and as a part of the fastest growing independent school movement in the world, it offers children a multi-sensory, experiential program that encourages both curiosity and a connection to nature. The school’s dedicated staff members partner with parents to holistically promote physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

“Our goal is to help students discover and develop their individual capacities so that they can fully engage in the world and contribute meaningfully to society. We aim to cultivate clarity of thinking, compassion, moral strength, and purposeful action in our students.”-Jenny Helmick, Faculty Member, Cape Ann Waldorf School

Cohen Hillel Academy is a K-8 independent day school that offers a robust and expansive educational experience that promotes inquiry and reflection, integrity and courage, and kindness and empathy through a Jewish lens.  CHA believes that the best education is individualized and that happy kids learn better. Teachers care deeply about their students, and they maintain high academic standards while respecting each student’s social and emotional growth. CHA students are challenged to think critically, creatively, and conceptually, and they use the skills, knowledge, and values they learn at CHA to make meaningful connections and positive contributions to the world.

“Our school is a warm place where every child is known and understood and where families are partners in their children’s learning. At CHA you’ll find smiling students, engaging teachers, a vibrant and open Jewish culture, and a true sense of belonging.” -Noah Hartman, Head of School, Cohen Hillel Academy

With a 50-year legacy of excellence in early childhood education, North Shore Nursery School offers an exceptional play-based program for 2-5-year-old students. Housed at a unique location designed especially for young children, the school’s low student-to-teacher ratio allows experienced and nurturing faculty to fully understand each child. Activities are tailored to match developmental stages and meet children’s evolving needs for building social, cognitive and physical skills. Along with relevant themes, the curriculum also grows from questions and topics that arise in play and exploration. Students enjoy daily access to a beautiful playground or conservation trails where they develop self-confidence, an appreciation for nature and a sense of caring for each other and the environment. Music, movement, Spanish, arts and cultural enrichment are also provided.

“Children at NSNS benefit from joyful, highly-qualified faculty, engaging classroom environments, and the intimate size of our community. Our students experience a sense of security and, ultimately, a true sense of self- esteem derived through genuine accomplishment.”-Suzanne Hodson, Director, North Shore Nursery School

At Shore Country Day School, students embrace the joy of learning while challenging themselves to reach ever-higher personal and academic goals. For 75 years, Shore has combined small class sizes, an innovative curriculum, and strong parent/teacher relationships to insure that each child learns in an environment that is both rigorous and supportive. Shore educators place a premium on professional development, and as such, teachers are able to engage students with exciting, interactive lessons and the most up-to-date information. Shore’s faculty, parents, and students all uphold the Community Code, a credo that embraces strong values and ethics, a habit of service to others, and an expanded world view that recognizes the importance of a global community. Through this Code, top-notch academics, exciting athletics, and engrossing extracurriculars, each Shore child is expertly prepared to succeed.

“At Shore, we know that students are at their academic best when they have a balanced schedule that includes plenty of time outdoors. With healthy time for recess, sports, and advisor group activities, our kids are ready to tackle the challenges of the Shore curriculum.”-Lawrence Griffin, Head of School, Shore Country Day School

Glen Urquhart School encourages collaborative, original thinking to enhance a depth and breadth of understanding within disciplines. The GUS curriculum creates connections and sparks engagement, while providing students with a strong academic foundation and a global perspective. GUS delivers discovery-based, thematic study and innovative, world-class academic standards for learning in an atmosphere of individualized support and care. Unique opportunities for intellectual and social development include the school’s program at the MIT Media Lab; the 8th grade service week at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Orphanage in Honduras (which earned the school the 2006 Leading Edge Award for Global Understanding); a cutting-edge math program that uses all learning modalities; and the GAIN@GUS program, which provides free academic and recreational summer enrichment to talented students in the city of Beverly and surrounding areas.

“Glen Urquhart School leads the way in reaching out to other international educational institutions and experts to provide big opportunities in small classrooms. By activating this 21st century approach to education, GUS students are even better prepared to achieve lifelong success.”-David M. Provost, Head of School, Glen Urquhart School

Brewster Academy is a community of dedicated educators who genuinely care about the growth and success of their students. Since teachers are committed to a technology-rich learning environment and highly personalized academic support, students often find a newfound love for former “problem” subjects. With attendees from across the United States and approximately 25 countries, teaching moments extend far beyond the classroom. Brewster educates the whole person-both in mind and body-and its students develop strong moral character through challenging academics, a rigorous athletic program, a service-oriented community living experience, and a rich visual and performing arts curriculum. The school includes life skills training and dynamic, collaborative classes, and as such, is proud to report that 100% of students are accepted to four-year colleges and universities.

“When you set high expectations and provide students with the tools to become confident and competent learners, the results can be astounding. Seeing students engaged in learning-and feeling good about themselves and what they are accomplishing-is why we approach education in the way we do.” -Dr. Michael Cooper, Head of School, Brewster Academy

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, North Shore Christian School offers children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade a robust curriculum taught from a biblical Christian worldview with the recognition that God’s truths support a greater understanding of the world. In addition to an excellent, traditional academic curriculum, the gifted program, an in-house Discovery Center for diversified learners, afterschool enrichment courses, and Suzuki violin, piano, and voice lessons comprise just a few of NSCS’s complimentary offerings NSCS’s faculty is committed to the development of articulate and  thoughtful individuals who are concerned with the needs of others. Since children are capable of learning through experience, feelings, and exploration, NSCS also provides daily opportunities for discovery. Above all, NSCS strives to help students be the very best they can be through collaboration, cooperation, and parental and community involvement.

“The children that attend our school leave not only smarter, but better. They are given the tools to help them develop into individuals who will impact the world!”-Pam Heintz, Principal, North Shore Christian School

Established in 1791, Berwick Academy is the oldest school in Maine serving students in grades pre-k through 12. Since its founding, the school has been dedicated to promoting virtue and “useful knowledge” among rising generations. Students hail from roughly 60 communities across Maine, Seacoast New Hampshire, and the North Shore of Massachusetts; as such, the school provides direct bus routes to the North Shore. Berwick’s community is dynamic, passionate, and grounded in New England values, and students are encouraged to expand their horizons through a balance of challenging academics, competitive athletics, and engaging creative arts programs. Amenities like the Innovation Center, the new 4th Grade scholarship, and the incorporation of technology, language, and character education in the Lower School curriculum set Berwick apart as a leader in combining tradition with innovation.

“Berwick Academy is able to offer its families a unique combination of national excellence and Seacoast values. While our students and programs are among the best in the country, our community is infused with the perspective, authenticity, and balance that we all cherish about the North Shore and Seacoast regions.” -Gregory J. Schneider, Head of School, Berwick Academy

Waring School, a small school with big ideas, provides a truly unique experience for children in grades 6 through 12. Students enjoy a demanding liberal arts program, multi-age groupings, immersion in foreign language and culture, and a welcoming, homelike campus on 32 verdant acres. Waring’s staff firmly adheres to the belief that learning is not a means to an end; it is the end. As such, students are able to take advantage of the school’s cutting-edge laboratory facilities; engage in its challenging, interdisciplinary Humanities course; and experience curriculum-based travel such as an exciting exchange program in Angers, France. This year, Waring celebrates its 40th Anniversary, and welcomes Melville S. Brown, formerly of Trinity School in New York City, as the incoming Head of School.

“Waring’s small size is a powerful catalyst for intellectual engagement and personal expression. Students not only interact with children from every grade and build strong relationships with every teacher, they create a foundation for success by developing their authentic selves.”-Melville S. Brown, Head of School, Waring School

Austin Preparatory School, located in Reading, is a Catholic independent school serving 700 students in grades 6 through 12, with an average class size of 16. In addition, the student-faculty ratio is 10:1. Over 50 extra curricular programs allow for learning to occur in and out of the classroom. Additionally, there are 17 interscholastic programs and a vibrant arts program.  Students are engaged in learning at their specific skill level. Sixteen Advanced Placement courses are offered. Founded in the Augustinian tradition, this coed, independent school strives to prepare students for success in both higher education and in their adult lives.

“What I tell friends is that Austin Prep is an affordable option.  In times when private education costs are soaring out of control and tuitions at local day schools are exceeding $30,000, Austin is very competitively priced at $15,400, and still offers much of the same programs, athletics and a very strong academic program as these $30,000 schools offer! Having worked in a number of prep schools, I like the fact that as part of our heritage, as an Augustinian school, we focus on social justice, and service to the broader community beyond Austin’s campus, and that we can honestly say that “Character Education” is not just a tag line at Austin; we teach it and live it out every day!” -Kevin J. Driscoll, Director of  Admission and Financial Aid,  Austin Preparatory School

For the past 60 years, Saint Michael School has offered a private, coed, Catholic education for students in nursery through 8th grade. The school provides a strong Catholic foundation in a loving, warm environment, as well as a challenging academic curriculum complemented by lessons of faith, honesty, community service, and morality. Children not only exhibit academic excellence but also kindness and respect towards peers and adults alike; school families have also created a solid and inviting community. The NEASC-accredited school has established programs to meet the needs of working parents (including extended day care to meet full-day work requirements), and its diverse curriculum includes Spanish, computers, a library/media center, physical education, art, and music. Students also enjoy extensive extracurricular programs, and the school will complete construction on its new state-of-the-art Fine Arts Center this year.

“Saint Michael School is not just an educational facility-it’s a second home. At our school, imaginations soar while building self-confidence, strong friendships, community commitment and a foundation for success.”-Susan Gosselin, Principal, Saint Michael School

Founded in 1926, Pike School is a place where no child goes unnoticed. With small classes and passionate, caring teachers, individual attention and excitement about learning are hallmarks of the Pike experience. As a Professional Learning Community-a structure that uses a collaborative approach to personalized education-Pike ensures that all students master materials in the way that’s ideal for them. Located on 35 acres of picturesque woodland in Andover, MA, Pike is a recognized leader among area schools in the teaching and practice of environmental sustainability. With strong academic, athletic, arts, and extracurricular programs, students are not just talented, thoughtful, and curious; they become lifelong learners and contributors to the greater good on a global scale.

“Pike is a place where children grow and thrive because they are supported and challenged by a diverse community with a shared commitment to education.”-John Waters, Head of School,  Pike School

Nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains, New Hampton School is rich with history, dating back to 1821. An independent college preparatory school for 305 boarding and day students, grades 9-12 and postgraduate, the mission of the school is to cultivate global citizens. NHS, an innovative learning environment which features a 1:1 iPad program, offers the internationally recognized International Baccalaureate program (the first boarding school in New England to offer the program), Advanced Placement, and Academic Support. New Hampton’s 2012 graduates will matriculate at universities including Princeton, Michigan, Williams, Swarthmore, Connecticut College, and UCLA.

“At a time when public schools are losing funding, New Hampton School is pushing forward with the addition of the International Baccalaureate program and a full iPad Program, allowing students to learn in an innovative boarding school environment that prepares them with the necessary skills to be successful in college and an increasingly changing world.”-Andrew Menke, Head of School, New Hampton School