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Liz Michalski, a Danvers native, has always had a passion for writing. Whether it is being a reporter, editor or freelancer, Michalski has been engulfed in the world of writing for years. But even with the obvious love that she possesses Michalski does admit that she never expected she would write a book. Little did she know all it took was moving to a small farm in Connecticut to get the inspiration she needed.Michalski classifys her first novel Evenfall as “a love letter to rural Connecticut.”

“This was the first time I had known people who had chickens and cows,” says Michalski about her move to CT. “And in the beginning I was shocked. Then once the first casino started going up, the area and land started changing. This book is really about the characters, farmland and farmers and it made me more conscious of the importance of farm land and maintaining local characteristics.”

Evenfall is a story about Andie Murphy, one of the infamous Murphy women of Hartman, Connecticut who returns home to settler her dead Uncle Frank’s estate: Evenfall. As Andie goes through the process she comes across familiar faces as well as mysterious whispers. Something from her past is not ready to let her go and she has to find out what or who exactly is following her.

Ghosts play a prominent role in this novel, as the tag line reads “ghosts don’t give up,” however, they were never in Michalski’s original plan. In the middle of her writing Michalski was showcasing a house that she instantly fell in love with, which lead her to the idea of paranormal activity.

“I felt like it held all of these secrets,” says Michalski. “It had an amazing attic built by shipmates and it felt like a ship inside. There was this one room tucked away in the corner that was said to be used if a woman was birthing a child or to hold a disturbed family member. It felt to me like the attic had so many stories and it felt like there were ghosts.”

Taking about 6 year total, Michalski hopes that this book will become an instant favorite or as she likes to say, a flying book. A book that is well worth saving and a plane ride is the perfect time to pick it back up.

Michalski is currently residing back in Massachusetts and has already started her next book.

Evenfall will be debuted on February 1st and Michalski will be holding a book signing on the 10th at the Andover Book Store. In addition, Michalski will also be giving out a special URL at her signing which will give readers access to special pages on her website allowing them to learn more about the book.

The book will be published by the Penguin/Berkley Group and will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Andover Book Store, Borders, IndieBound and RJ Julia. For more information on Liz Michalski you can visit her website here