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Danvers-based financial advisor Richard C. Cella, III CWS® has written the definitive guide for retiring baby boomers, Your Personal Retirement Machine, A Guide to Financial Freedom.

With the 76-plus million baby boomers entering or in retirement, there are major changes in the retirement planning landscape. Many are asking the same age-old question: “How do I know I’ll be able to realize my retirement dreams?” Cella’s book guides readers through that question and on to “Financial Freedom,” which he describes as “the ability to do the things you enjoy while living the lifestyle you prefer and having the freedom to do that without concern for money.”

Using simple yet powerful analogies and step by step methods, the book helps readers adjust how they view their finances, build their own personal coordinated retirement plan and understand investment allocation and income distribution strategies. The book provides readers the information needed to help generate, sustain and protect their wealth throughout their retirement years and beyond.



“Most baby boomers I see who are starting this new phase of life are doing it much differently than previous generations,” says Cella. “This book shows the reader step-by-step methods for building your personal retirement plan, coordinating your overall financial plan and developing investment strategies for different economic circumstances.”

Richard is a Certified Wealth Strategist® and founder of Ipswich Bay Advisors in Danvers, MA as well as a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group, the nation’s leading experts regarding IRAs, tax planning and retirement distributions. He is a partner of Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm doing business across the US and a registered representative with United Planners Financial Services. Rich resides in Gloucester, MA.

Your Personal Retirement Machine, A Guide to Financial Freedom is available on Amazon. For more information about Richard or Ipswich Bay Advisors, please visit or