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Moms: The Musical™ is a fast and furious ride through the uproarious and heartfelt journey of becoming a new mom written by Kelly Surette, local North Shore mom and musical theater composer. It follows two first-time mothers who, from an unlikely friendship, discover how strong they are as they take on their role as mothers while unapologetically preserving who they are as individual women. 

The show honestly addresses the long overdue representation of motherhood and women in the theater through female empowerment. Additionally, it positively normalizes LGBTQ+ representation in family structure while challenging cultural and gender norms. With a small, diverse cast of eight representing all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, this musical tackles everything from marriage issues to friendship challenges, career concerns to body image struggles, lack of “mothering instincts” to self-esteem issues—all the while fearlessly examining societal pressures placed on women.

Moms: The Musical™: An Investor Workshop will be donating all livestream general public ticket sales to Moms For Moms: NYC, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing assistance to single mothers in need throughout New York City. Through the distribution of Postpartum Recovery Kits and Newborn Baby Bundles, Moms for Moms has supported thousands of pre- and post-natal mothers with diapers, wipes, infant clothing, baby bottles, blankets, menstrual products, hygiene items, and more.

The workshop will be directed by Victoria Rae Sook, a two-time Drama Desk Award Nominee. Sook, an advocate for equal representation of women’s voices in the arts, said of the show that “all mothers are perfect, exactly as they are, and deserve to be celebrated. They deserve a musical where they are the leads, not the best friends, and they can see onstage that their best is absolutely enough. I am really excited to be giving them that.” The workshop will be music directed by David John Madore.

The workshop’s Associate Choreographer is Kelsey Mourant. When Mourant was asked why she wanted to be involved with Moms: The Musical™, she said, “given gender expectations through much of the world, it was so refreshing to find a story that told it like it really is: that there is no “right” way to be a mom. That’s a story worth both telling and celebrating.”

Kelly Surette has also written three other musicals (Miles to Amelia: A Musical, A Golden Chord: A Musical, Never Saw Gray Like This Before: A Musical). She is the author of the book Creative Miracles: A Practitioner’s Guide to Adaptive Music Instruction, and has musical degrees from Boston Conservatory and Northeastern University. She is a mother of two herself and stated that “this show is both an honest reflection and celebration of motherhood and women in general. It doesn’t glorify, sugarcoat, or pass judgment on any particular ‘kind’ of mother. Instead, it illuminates our struggles, loneliness, and self-criticism while honoring the joy, humor, and incredible moxie it takes to be a mother in America today.” 

Finally having the time to write the show that had been on her heart for many years during quarantine, Moms originated from Surette’s personal experiences as a mother of two little girls as well as her desire to illuminate the voices of the women and mothers around her in an authentic and relatable form. Surette even belongs to several “Mom Group Chats” of her own that are filled with all the hilarity and camaraderie represented in the musical.

Edward Hall is the assistant book writer and producer of the workshop. Additionally, in an effort to support women in the arts, the workshop will be stage managed by Lauren Koval, a recent UCF graduate. The workshop will be livestreamed from Ripley Grier Studios on July 24, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Ripley Grier is located at 939 8th Ave, New York, NY and is “one of the world’s largest rehearsal facilities” dedicated to creating a special place for artists, performers, and teachers.

The creative team hopes the workshop will be a first step towards an Off-Broadway or Broadway run. To purchase a ticket to the livestream performance on July 24, head to Tickets cost $5 and all proceeds go directly to Moms For Moms: NYC. Industry professionals interested in viewing the workshop livestream or attending in person can email for a complimentary ticket. 

To learn more, visit or follow them on Instagram at @moms.themusical