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A project by Marblehead-based landscape designer Adam Woodruff is featured prominently on the cover of UK landscape architect Cannon Ivers’ newest book. The book, Landscape Planting Design, explores projects that use planting as a central feature in the concept and execution of public space.

The book highlights twenty-seven standout landscape projects from around the world, all recently completed, in which plants play an important role. With photos, drawings, design narratives, and in-depth analysis of the configurations and plantings, Ivers teaches readers how to select appropriate plants based on local climate, topography, ecology, surrounding environment, and other conditions and specific requirements. 

Adam Woodruff LLC has design consultancies based in both Marblehead and St. Louis, Missouri. He works throughout the country on a range of projects, from urban outdoor living to country estates, and from suburban residences to commercial properties. Plants play a central role in all of his design solutions. His projects have been featured in Architectural Digest, Consumer Reports, and Better Homes & Gardens, among other publications.

Adam Woodruff’s featured project, Jones Road, is a grand stylized prairie, enveloping a homestead in rural central Illinois. The property was originally turf, with few trees and a swimming pool surrounded by a poured-concrete patio. The house, sited on a ridge, had long views of pasture, timber and a meandering creek. However, there was little connecting the house to the pastoral setting. The grade abruptly dropped off on the back side of the residence, so an entire hillside was moved and soil repositioned to accommodate expansive new beds. Woodruff used native and ornamental grasses as the foundation of his naturalistic design, a matrix through which shrubs, perennials, natives and bulbs emerge. The feeling is spontaneous and natural. The new garden complements the house, linking it to the borrowed landscape, and bringing nature to the client’s doorstep. 

Landscape Planting Design by B. Cannon Ivers and published by Design Media Publishing (UK) Ltd. will be released March 1, 2020. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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