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Editors’ Choice

The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage, Gloucester 

Standout qualities: Independent doesn’t quite convey just how indie this experience really is. Savor a glass of red wine out of a real goblet while you take in the pre-feature announcements that come in black-and-white filmstrip fashion. Then kick back on a mish-mash choice of lounge chairs and couches, cuddle with your sweetheart under a blanket, and experience the magic of a true community cinema. 

Insider tip: Following their website is a great way to keep caught up on indie films and documentaries you might otherwise miss. 

What’s unique: A good selection of teas and real adult dark chocolate. An outdoor movie series in the summer.

21 Main St., Gloucester, 978-226-3800,


Readers’ Choice 

CinemaSalem, Salem 

Standout qualities: CinemaSalem is more than a film-lover’s movie theatre. It’s also a café, an art gallery, a live music venue, and home to one of the largest all-documentary film festivals in New England. They also serve really good popcorn. 

What’s unique: A summer blockbuster might be followed by a cult classic like Goonies or an obscure documentary. Also, the staff cares.

1 East India Square Mall, Salem, 978-744-1400,