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Surfaces Lifestyle & Design- not just your average Marblehead antique store. By Jacqueline Dixon During times of economic hardship, it is refreshing to stumble across a boutique whose owners dare to charge through it all with a smile. And that is exactly what Mary Luke and Lisa Ciccia of Surfaces Lifestyle & Design in Marblehead intend to do. In fact, they opened their business this past December and they freely admit that they’ve never been happier. blue and white chandelierWith an ample blend of antique artifacts and various contemporary pieces, Surfaces is an antique lover’s dream. The shop offers upscale antique home furnishings such as a Victorian loveseat ($350), a cherry linen press bureau ($595), and an exquisite Chinoiserie piano ($4,000), along with contemporary items such as handbags ($30 and up), a designer shoe line ($90 and up), and fashionably crafted martini glasses ($5 and up). Looking less like a store and more like an actual home, Surfaces maintains an element of comfort and elegance, yet it has an underlying industrial presence with cement floors and brick walls that cannot be overlooked. Soft music and clever lighting make for a home-like environment that encourages browsing, relaxing, and chatting with its welcoming owners. yellow fabric lampshadesSurfaces offers pieces from many European artists who are currently living on the North Shore, including a dazzling jewelry line from a Czech artist in Rockport. Many of the items offered here are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind treasures. “Keep it beautiful. We don’t want anything in our store that we wouldn’t want in our own home,” Luke chuckles. She also adds that they plan to build a food and beverage section to the store as well as a collection of natural crystals and a new line of shoes. “Having fun is what it’s about, and this is fun,” says Ciccia. “It’s not work for us.” Surfaces Lifestyle & Design, 33 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, 781-639-9933.