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An old friend of mine flew into town this weekend for a visit and so my wife and I met up with him and a few others at a club in Boston called Underbar. I’m not one for fancy dance clubs. Give me a relaxed pub with a good draft beer selection and some rock and roll and I’m a happy guy. That said, there’s definitely something to be said for dance clubs. As my wife and I worked our way through a thick crowd to find my friend, the beats thumped through our ribs, strobe lights pulsed to the beats, and a mass of bodies bounced to the tunes. That’s when I thought to myself, “could this ever work on the North Shore?”

Why not?

Most people like to dance and everyone like a good scene. So why hasn’t someone built an honest dance club on the North Shore? Maybe it’s time? There’s definitely nothing like Underbar on the North Shore. Is there a demand for it around here? What’s your take?