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Dedicated to all things hearth and home, the recent Northshore Home issue highlighted both Editors’ and Readers’ Choice for best architect, builder, interior designer, landscape service, fabrics shop, antiques, auction house, and more.

Each year, local businesses are nominated and voted on by the BONS committee, editors, and readers of Northshore. The integrity and excellence of these companies captured the attention of Northshore Home readers and our BONS Home committee.

“Virtually overnight this past March, our homes became offices, school rooms, daycare facilities, fitness studios, and centers of entertainment,” says editor Nancy Berry. “Our kitchens began working overtime as dining out options became less available. Our backyards became playgrounds and sports fields as our public parks and schools closed.”

She applauds the BONS Home winners for their working creating “safe, beautiful, and multifunctional havens” for their clients.

If you’re in search of the best of the best for your new home project, look no further than this year’s BONS Home winners.

Click here to see the winners.

To view or purchase a copy of the BONS Home issue, click here.