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At Infinity Aviation’s hangar at the Nashua Airport, Porsche of Nashua (part of the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group) unveiled the new Panamera Turbo at a fun and festive private party—staged as flight 41317. As the evening got underway, guests were greeted with champagne cocktails along with a boarding pass and passport for the “flight.” At the first boarding call, Lyon-Waugh’s Cidalia Schwartz stamped the guests’ passports and ushered them into the main hangar. While waiting for the arrival of the new Panamera, the “first-class passengers” sampled their favorite elixir and enjoyed a full range of sumptuous tastes from Tuscan Kitchen. Guests were also able to board a private jet from MAC Aviation and view the current Porsche models, which were on display in the hangar.




The flight attendants introduced a video of the new Panamera while Warren Waugh, the owner of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, drove the first of two Panamera Turbos into the hangar. With a complete redesign of this unique sport sedan, the Panamera Turbo boasts a 550-horsepower engine with a top speed of 190 miles per hour and an impressive 0 to 60 performance of 3.4 seconds. The interior features a 12-inch touchscreen display to control navigation, audio, communication, and climate.





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