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Fifteen students who were once considered at-risk of dropping out of high school will earn their diplomas from Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy at Northshore Mall on Friday, June 3. In addition to receiving their diplomas, local Simon Youth Scholarship recipients will also be announced during the ceremony.

The Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy located at Northshore Mall is one of 26 Simon Youth Foundation (SYF) Academies nationwide that exists to help at-risk high school students stay in school and graduate. This year, SYF will have graduated over 13,000 students and award over 13 million dollars in scholarship dollar. SYF maintains a 90% cumulative graduation rate across all academies including the Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy here in Peabody, MA.

During the ceremony, Northshore Mall and the Peabody Learning Academy will honor two students who have earned a 2016 Simon Youth Scholarship award to benefit the pursuit of a post-second degree:

Timothy Swift will receive a four year SYF Scholarship valued at $31,000 while attending Troy University

Erica Novack will receive a two year SYF Scholarship valued at $7,700 while attending North Shore Community College

The awards are funded by Simon Youth Foundation, a national non-profit that champions education opportunities for students of all backgrounds, in partnership with the Northshore Mall.

Nationwide in 2016, Simon Youth Foundation has awarded over $1 million in scholarships. During Simon Youth Foundation’s 19-year history, the foundation has awarded more than $13 million in scholarships.

Peabody Learning Academy’s local partners have come together to support the educational endeavors through additional scholarships: Burtons Grill will be funding a $3,000 scholarships for Brianna Bower, $2,000 scholarship to Janelle Conant, and $1,000 scholarship to Ashleigh Oberlander and Caley Hughes.


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