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At an induction ceremony at Sparhawk High School on Friday, October 21, 2011, five students who have amply demonstrated the qualities of scholarship, character, service, and leadership in our community were inducted into the National Honor Society. Throughout their high school careers they have done their best in every class, during every semester, for every year in order to maintain an outstanding academic record. In addition, each has been accorded humanistic distinction by their teachers for exemplifying good character both in and out of the classroom. These students have led their peers by example. They volunteer when needed. They help without being asked. They serve our community in order to make it a better place, without regard for gain or self-interest. They consistently exert a positive influence.

To be selected for National Honor Society, students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, have humanistic distinction, and receive three faculty recommendations. The Faculty Council reviews each application, considers additional input from staff members, and votes on each candidate. The new inductees here today have earned their place in The National Honor Society.

Honor Society Inductees


This year’s NHS inductees are:

Amanda Chamberlain, Amesbury, MA

Alyssa Olsen, Groveland, MA

This year’s NJHS inductees are:

Miranda Formichella, Magnolia, MA

Sarah Paullis, Newton, NH

Rachel Perry, Byfield, MA