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Williams Fine Art Dealers of Wenham is kicking off 2022 with Winter White, a show that spotlights paintings and porcelain objet d’art by recognized Boston-area artists including Anna Kasabian, Viktor Butko, Leo Mancini-Hresko, and Donald Jurney. Though each piece in the show has a predominantly white palette, as a whole, the exhibition demonstrates the mesmerizing range of effects which can be achieved in the hands of a master.

“February is a rough month for New Englanders: It’s cold, it’s dark, and we know winter isn’t ending soon. But there is so much beauty surrounding us,” gallery owner Ginny Williams says. “I want to capture that feeling with this show. Especially in these times, most people find comfort in beauty. This exhibition creates a sanctuary of calm, of understated elegance, where people can see, quite literally, all we have to enjoy around us, even in these dark days of February.”

Porcelain artist Anna Kasabian, who lives in Manchester-By-The-Sea, creates delicate, lyrical sculptures evocative of flowers, sea plants, and rippling water. Each piece is finished in pure white glaze, which captures and reflects the light along the work’s folds and undulations. Her pieces have been featured in major design magazines including House Beautiful, Veranda, and Architectural Digest. The latter characterized her work as “the epitome of nature-inspired elegance.” Kasabian says her inspiration comes from her North Shore home. “I live in a place where the ocean, landscape, and lush gardens are woven together and become a part of me,” she writes on her website. “Each morning I walk the beach and take in the view, the salt, air and light, and leave inspired.”

Nature also inspires the serene, snowy landscape paintings of Viktor Butko and Leo Mancini-Hresko, who both work out of Waltham, and of Donald Jurney, who maintains a studio in Amesbury. Even in winter, Butko and Mancini-Hresko work en plein air, taking their brushes and canvases out into the natural world they strive to capture. Jurney draws on years of keen observation to create majestic pieces from imagination in his studio. Each of these artists is held in public and private collections across the country and around the world.

Williams Fine Art Dealers was founded in 2016 with the goal of bringing the best artists working in the U.S. and abroad to Boston’s North Shore. Winter White opens Thursday, Feb 10, from 6 to 7:30pm. A digital catalog will be released on Feb. 9. Sign up for the gallery newsletter on their web site to be included in the distribution.

Wlliams Fine Art Dealers, 300 Main St., Wenham, 978-380-4526,