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With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is all around on the North Shore. In celebration, the romantics behind the bar at Evenfall Restaurant & Lounge in Haverhill have concocted the Be Mine Mojito, a pinkish-red aperitif that’s sure to set couples’ pulses racing. (If you’ll be drinking alone, it can also take some of the sting out of facing this holiest of romantic holidays solo.)

Evenfall’s owner, Spiro Pappadopoulos, says of the cocktail’s inspiration, “Evenfall is known for [its] authentic mojitos, with hand-muddled lime and fresh, often homegrown mint. I wanted to offer something new to add to the classic mojito we have been offering since we opened.” The result is a new twist on the typically summertime drink. “The berries give it a fruity and sweeter taste that complements the herbal mintiness you get from the muddled mint,” Pappadopoulos says. “It’s a light drink that anybody can drink, and they do.”

Does the Be Mine Mojito do the trick? Coincidence maybe, but Pappadopoulos says that one couple who ordered a pair of the cocktails last year got carried away in a PDA that was “a bit out of control,” forcing the restaurateur to request that they downgrade their steamy session.

“[The mojito] is perfect for drinking while lounging with your lover on the couches at Evenfall,” he adds. Just be sure to keep it rated G. – By, Lindsay Lambert


Be Mine Mojito: Makes one serving

1 1/2 oz. Bacardi Razz (white rum optional)

1 oz. simple syrup

12 fresh mint leaves

1/2 lime, freshly squeezed

4 raspberries

4 blackberries

Sprig of mint

Slice of lime

Crushed ice

In a tall glass, lightly muddle lime juice, raspberries, blackberries, simple syrup, and mint leaves. Muddle gently, just bruising the leaves enough to release their oils without shredding them. Add crushed ice and rum, and top with soda. Stir to ensure even mix, and garnish with mint sprig and lime slice.