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Based in Georgetown, Massachusetts, LEVIA is the company behind the number one cannabis-infused beverage in the state of Massachusetts—second in the nation! LEVIA products (including their newly launched tinctures) provide a fast and predictable onset from a choice of sativa, hybrid, or indica cannabis, a consistent experience, and no hangover—all made with the finest locally-sourced buds and simple all-natural ingredients. 

Each twelve-ounce can of seltzer has zero calories, zero sugar, and contains five milligrams of THC. Available in three different flavors and at over 100 dispensaries (medicinal and recreational) in Massachusetts, LEVIA aims to leave consumers feeling inspired, focused, relaxed—and refreshed.

Achieve “Get Stuff Done, Work or Play” – This vibrant raspberry-lime sparkling water is energized with the LEVIA sativa blend.

Celebrate “Good Times with Good People” – Keep the smiles coming with the lemon-lime LEVIA celebrate hybrid blend. 

Dream “Smooth Out the Corners of Your Day” – LEVIA and chill with LEVIA Dream, a jamberry flavored indica blend for that peaceful, easy feeling. 

The cannabis-infused beverage category is exploding this year. According to a March 1 story in MJ Biz Daily, it’s up 40% last year versus 2019, and sales rose from $67.8M to $95.2M from 2019 to 2020. And according to a press release put out by Million Insights, they project the category to hit $2.8B by 2025. LEVIA is looking to get its piece, as it’s made some big strides in short time, and the founders are already strategically looking at next states to operate in.

In comparison to their competitors in Massachusetts, LEVIA outshined in the industry totaling $998,579 in sales for the month of June. This makes LEVIA the number one selling cannabis beverage in Massachusetts for the fifth consecutive month, and, behind California-based Cann, the second best selling cannabis beverage in the nation.

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