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MarketStreet Lynnfield bolsters its reputation as the North Shore’s leading outdoor lifestyle destination with exciting new additions: Fit Revolution, a fitness studio offering boot camp and cycling classes, Skeleton Key, an adventure emporium with brain-stumping puzzles and heart racing group challenges, Neem Medical Spa, a wellness center specializing in affordable face and body treatments, and Quinstance, a locally-owned shop featuring American-made wares and fair-trade products. 

Speaking to the exciting new openings at MarketStreet Lynnfield, general manager Nanci Horn says, “The fall and winter are such busy seasons at MarketStreet Lynnfield, from back to school to the holidays, there is never a dull moment. The openings of Fit Revolution, Skeleton Key, Neem Medical Spa, and Quinstance will bring in even more energy and continue to make MarketStreet Lynnfield the industry leader for its diversity of brands and dynamic experiences.”


Fit Revolution: Opening Fall, 2017

Fit Revolution, this year’s recipient of Northshore Magazine’s Best Bootcamp, Best Personal Training Facility, Best Health Club, and Best Training Facility, will bring its adrenaline-pumping classes to MarketStreet Lynnfield this coming fall. This will be Fit Revolution’s second location.

Fit Revolution is the only exercise facility in the area that offers premiere indoor cycling, a unique boot camp experience, as well as other top fitness trends. The facility will speak to every level of fitness, challenging individuals to set personal fitness goals that achieve ultimate toning and strengthening results. 

Fit Revolution will be located at 681 Market Street, across from California Pizza Kitchen. 


Quinstance: Opening Fall 2017

When Quinstance opens at MarketStreet Lynnfield in the Fall, customers can expect one-of-a-kind items from glassblowers, woodworkers, jewelry designers, letterpresses, soap makers, and seamstresses.

The store will honor both homegrown treasures and globally ethical practices; 90 percent of products are American-made and the other 10 percent are sourced from artisans throughout the world.  

Quinstance will be located at 678 Market Street, next to Sweetgreen. 


Skeleton Key: Opening Late 2017

Skeleton Key creates an immersive, multi-room 60-minute adventure experience where participants are challenged to work collaboratively in teams to solve brain-stumping clues and escape before time runs out. This will be its first location.

The space will also include The Adventure Emporium; a bar and lounge serving craft cocktails beer, wine, and light snacks, where guests can unwind after the heart-pumping action.

Skeleton Key will be located at 663 Market Street, next to Claire’s. 


Neem Medical Spa: Opening Late 2017

Neem Medical Spa at MarketStreet Lynnfield will provide North Shore residents with exceptional and affordable medical spa treatments to achieve optimal cosmetic goals, while using the most advanced non-surgical technologies for each wellness experience. 

Neem’s affordable services never compromise comfort or quality; the variety of face and body treatments are all performed by its staff of trained medical professionals in a safe and relaxing environment.

Neem Medical Spa will be located at 693 Market Street, next to Hanna Andersson.