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The whole idea of a picnic—by the sea or in the park—is just lovely. From the salty sea air to the horizon at sunset, it’s nothing if not an Instagram-worthy moment. But when it comes down to the myriad of details a picnic requires, from set-up to food, from décor to comfortable seating, and more, it’s a lot more work than you bargained for. Which is precisely why Seacoast Picnic Co. was born.

Owner and founder Emily Huxtable came up with the concept of designer picnics in large part because of her love of spending time with family and friends and sharing unique experiences over traditional gift giving. During the pandemic, Huxtable’s mom, Martha Piercy, gifted her with a picnic basket filled with glasswear and linens in the hopes that her daughter would be able to enjoy fun picnic experiences. But whenever her mother inquired if she had used the picnic set, Huxtable’s answer was sadly no, because it was too cumbersome to carry on the moped she loved to explore the seacoast on.

Because of this, Huxtable started thinking about how to create and share an experience that she loved with others. As she explains, “it was a combination of the gift from my mom and the desire to start something local that led me to realize that I could take care of all of the picnic details for people, and all they would have to do is sit back and enjoy.” 

Not content to sell an average experience, Huxtable quickly found that there was a lot of interest in the idea of indulgent picnics. This summer, Seacoast Picnic Co. will be setting up at private residences, at Jenness Beach in Rye, New Hampshire, at Odiorne Point State Park, at Great Island Common, and more. These special occasion picnics range from corporate events and anniversary celebrations to family reunions and baby showers.

As far as what Seacoast Picnic can accommodate, Huxtable says the sky is the limit. “Whether it is celebrating a birthday, an engagement, a night with friends or a bachelorette party, we are here to customize it all.” Picnic packages vary and include handcrafted tables, beautiful pillows, throw blankets, a chic umbrella, gold flatware, table settings, and linens. 

Clients can opt for additional add-ons ranging from hand-carved charcuterie boards, stylish balloons, fresh flowers, polaroid camera and film rentals, cornhole boards and over-sized Jenga, professional photography, a boho tent, extra seating, and increased allotted time for the picnic. Clients can also add cake or other desserts. As Huxtable emphasizes, “it really is a totally custom experience and no two picnics will be the same. Our goal is to personalize the experience to suit the occasion and make it feel like it has been created just for you.” Because it has!

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