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Twenty years in business is no small accomplishment for any retailer, but it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes inside Jambu Jewelry to realize why their doors have remained open for two decades. Positioned on a corner of Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead, this jewelry store is a one-of-a-kind operation. Proprietor Elaine O’Shea Mavros and Manager Laura Herhold are welcoming faces who have dedicated themselves to their goal of providing customers with unique pieces for a wide variety of tastes and price points. Beyond their admirable selection, Mavros and Herhold genuinely love to interact with every customer, something that is evident as soon as you meet them. They take the time to get to know you and who you are shopping for, be it yourself or someone else, so that they may help you select the perfect item for the occasion. 

“We want our customers to enjoy the store like a museum” says Mavros, a philosophy that makes sense given that everything is handmade and very much looks and feels like a piece of art. The set-up of the store reflects this sentiment, giant geodes anchor many of the jewelry cases and a round table in the center of the store helps create a natural flow. Herhold describes the store’s inventory as “classic with a twist” and takes seriously the responsibility of selecting pieces “with the customer in mind” while at the same time striving to “expand their horizons” by bringing in new and unexpected items.

The temptation to shop online is a strong one for so many, but most often the customer experience is not a part of the process. At Jambu, Mavros has made customer service the highest priority, and she and Herhold both insist they want all who stop in to enjoy the store regardless of whether they make a purchase that day.  

Jambu prides itself on hand selecting every item, Mavros and Herhold make trips to New York City to view new collections and meet the designers. 

Miguel Ases is known for his statement pieces, and Jambu carries many of his inventive designs that incorporate beads, semi-precious stones and metals. Tassel earrings are having a huge moment in the fashion world, and this pair reflects that, while at the same time possessing a timeless quality that will make them a treasured item for years to come.

Jambu has Chili Rose bracelets like those seen here, each an original made in Santa Fe using a Native American loom technique and seed beads, semi-precious stones and sterling silver.


Chili Rose bracelets made in Santa Fe


Several necklaces that come in sterling silver as well as 14 or 18 karat gold, from designer Jane Hollinger are in the store, including this delicate heart, perfect for everyday wear.


Jane Hollinger heart necklace


A collection from Jamie Joseph includes exquisite rings and earrings with hand cut stones that many are sure to fall in love with after seeing in person. 


Jamie Joseph ring


The navy “Jambu bag” and its signature silver tissue paper have become something of a sight to behold around Marblehead and beyond, a signal to the recipient to rest assured that something special is inside. What will be in your next Jambu bag? Stop in soon to find out.