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The suggestion to book a massage is not something that often needs convincing, but in the month of March in New England, the idea of a massage seems especially inviting. At Saltwater Massage Studio in Gloucester, studio owner Gretchen Hill has created a unique space on Cape Ann where you cannot help but find relaxation. Truth be told, any vacation, staycation, or day of relaxation spent in picturesque Gloucester is going to be worthwhile.

What Hill has created in Saltwater is not easy to replicate and that is precisely why her practice stands out. “Our vision is to provide beautifully crafted massage services that are effective at relieving pain and discomfort,” she says. “We really try to find that perfect balance between addressing physical needs and providing a mental and nervous system reset,” explains Hill.

The Saltwater space itself is calming and beautifully designed, from serene treatment rooms to a comfortable and inviting waiting area, complete with looseleaf teas that clients can take to go after a service. You will absolutely get a physical benefit and relief from your massage, and you will also be highly relaxed and rejuvenated. Says Hill, “We believe you can have both, results and relaxation, and we lead with pain relief. It is an experience that feels relaxing but does not sacrifice the physical benefits of massage.”

Whether it is shoulder tension from being hunched over a laptop, neck pain from talking on a cell phone, tension from driving, or something else, Saltwater’s customizable offerings ensure that each client can find the perfect service. From therapeutic to deep tissue to prenatal massages featuring a specially adapted belly hammock, CBD massage services, and more, there is a service to fit your needs. The studio is open six days a week (closed on Sundays) and offers both online and booking by phone so clients can have questions answered and recommendations made.

At Saltwater, all licensed massage therapists operate according to the studio’s two-pronged approach, addressing the physical elements (sore muscles, knots, scar tissue, pain, and more) while also creating a space so inviting that you can successfully step away from your daily life for an hour or two and return to it more relaxed.

Finding a quality massage studio with a variety of therapists can be daunting for many, and Saltwater has alleviated the stress or worry that might come with this task by carefully crafting a team of professionals to suit a variety of massage needs. Hill’s attention to detail in selecting her staff is also what makes a Saltwater massage such a great gift: Gift givers can rest assured the recipient will find something they love.

Over the last year, Hill has brought in products from the OSEA Malibu line and two different CBD lines in addition to other organic products, including aromatherapy options, oils, and body scrubs, all of which allow for enhanced relaxation. Products offered during treatments are also available for purchase, allowing clients to take an element of their relaxation home with them.