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Imagine immersing yourself in the sounds of the sea, the warmth of a fire, and the scents of aromatherapy. Now imagine this experience just a short drive from home. Beauport makes your luxury spa dreams come true with their new TranquiliSea Wellness Space, now open to the public as well as overnight guests.

As we enter another not-quite-normal March, which is a tough month here in New England anyway (in like a lion, out like an even hungrier lion), TranquiliSea aims to provide a brief respite from life’s stressors. They offer rejuvenating spa treatments, yoga classes, and reiki therapy, all in their brand-new secluded treatment rooms.

Some of their relaxing services include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and private yoga sessions. They can also offer all services in-room, giving you an even more private experience in one of their guestrooms, many of which feature balconies, fireplaces, and oceanfront views. 

“At Beauport Hotel we understand the importance of self-care and wellness,” says Ray Johnston, managing director of Beauport Hospitality, “which is why we want to offer innovative, restorative experiences and amenities for our hotel guests to enjoy.” 

Beauport has hired Boston-area holistic health coach and reiki and yoga practitioner Shannon McNally as lead wellness concierge at the TranquiliSea space. McNally touts the benefits of reiki therapy, adding that many guests have been trying it for the first time. 

Reiki is an energy healing technique that involves transferring energy from the practitioner to the guest by the laying on of hands. An art of Japanese lineage, it promotes healing through the moving of stagnant energy.

“All life stressors have vibration and energy, which we experience in our physical body,” explains McNally. “Most of us are living in a state of ‘fight or flight’—our nervous system is constantly responding to stressors,” she adds, citing such afflictions as insomnia, anxiety, physical pain, and digestive issues.

“Using reiki therapy, we can access those places of distress to activate the body’s ability to heal from specific ailments,” says McNally. Reiki healing therapy can help with stress, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, and pre- and post-natal care.

TranquiliSea’s private yoga sessions also target renewal and healing. Offered in both vinyasa and restorative formats, the sixty- or ninety-minute sessions guide guests through physical postures, breathing practices, and meditation. The wellness space can also host small group wellness retreats with up to six guests, involving fully customizable yoga, meditation, and reiki sessions.

When TranquiliSea first launched in 2020, Beauport reserved it for overnight guests only. But due to popular demand, the space has opened to the public for day trips, and McNally says they see lots of guests join them for a quick wellness day-cation. 

Beauport is still abiding by its health and safety guidelines, making the property safer for guests and staff during this COVID-19 era. They ask guests to wear a mask at all times, except when laying down during a massage or reiki session. They sanitize the TranquiliSea space in between guests, and require guests to book sessions at least 48 hours in advance.

Keep your eyes peeled for rooftop yoga programs at Beauport in the spring and summer months, held to celebrate the launch of the TranquiliSea space.

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