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Best Fitness, a gym facility with locations throughout the Northeast specializing in group and personal training, opened a revolutionary new fitness facility at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers on July 17. “We brought in a five-studio concept,” says Best Fitness CEO Dave Dos Santos. “We’re the first in the fitness industry to introduce this concept.” This 28,000-square-foot facility consists of a traditional gym setup, complete with state-of-the-art equipment, along with five studios for specialized training. The studios are for hot yoga, barre, group exercise (like Zumba), spin classes, and Best Fitness’s own B f.i.t.t.:60 group exercise program. The gym also includes a zone for kids’ fitness. B f.i.t.t.:60 is an exercise program based on the F.I.T.T. principle, which stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type (of exercise). The B f.i.t.t.:60 goal is to burn calories, build muscle, and increase energy. The program is designed to help individuals achieve the best results for themselves. The five-studio concept was developed by Best Fitness with the interests of their members in mind. “Many enjoy coming to the gym, but also want to take specialized classes without having to go to another location. So, we decided to create a fitness center that includes all of those amenities in one place,” says Dos Santos. The traditional gym layout allows members to workout at their own pace, while classes provide members with energy and encouragement to help them reach their goals. Dos Santos says the Danvers location has been successful so far, with a 75 to 80 percent reservation rate for classes. The gym is offering an early enrollment price of $29.99 per month for new members now through the end of August at the latest. Taking classes like barre, hot yoga, or spin at separate specialized studios, says Dos Santos, could run anywhere from $400 to $500 a month. The collection of these different studios in one gym provides a more cost-efficient workout experience. Best Fitness has additional Massachusetts locations in Springfield, Chelmsford, Lowell, Drum Hill, and Billerica, plus facilities in Albany, New York, and Nashua, New Hampshire. Dos Santos says there are also two more locations in the works. For more information, visit them online at