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If starting a completely new career while retaining your current job as a Marketing Executive sounds daunting, imagine embarking on this venture as a nine months pregnant mom of three. Despite the challenges, Gia Cyrier is proof that it can be done. As the owner of Mini Emporium, Cyrier is the woman behind the Boston area’s first and only mobile children’s boutique.

What is Mini Emporium (besides a whole lot of fun, just check out that truck!) It’s a next level, fashion forward, as-colorful-as-it-is-cute clothing truck for children.

While this mobile boutique has been in operation since last August, this summer’s pop up shop at MarketStreet Lynnfield is new, and there’s no time like the present to check it out. Local moms need not be reminded that back to school season is around the corner, and both the brick and mortar shop and the truck are stocked with a collection of brands that Cyrier takes great pride in assembling. “My focus is on really well made, well-designed clothes that don’t break the bank” she says. Cyrier loves to bring in new items by brands that customers seek out and love, such as Hatley and Lilly and Sid and also enjoys introducing them to new labels that check the boxes of function, unique style and high-quality that she favors. For Cyrier and her team, it’s all about “building relationships with customers, meeting people and hearing their stories”. To this end, the Lynnfield pop up shop has played host to a variety of events this summer, from Mommy & Me ballet classes to local photographer photo sessions to an upcoming Moms’ Night Out where customers can come together, enjoy themselves and shop in the community of which they are a part.

This project was a true labor of love in more ways than one (Cyrier is now a proud mom of four children) and she is quick to acknowledge the collaboration that exists among many local boutiques along the North shore. This feeling of local support and understanding is one of the reasons finding new ways for Mini Emporium to team up with local businesses for special occasions or giveaways is so rewarding.

Not surprisingly, social media plays a huge role in spreading the word about Mini Emporium, both at the MarketStreet location and of course the truck as it makes it way all over the Boston area and beyond. Cyrier encourages people to follow Mini Emporium on Instagram to find out where the truck will be parked on a given day.



The fashions may be fierce, but they aren’t stocked in high quantities, something Cyrier does by design to encourage individuality. Mini Emporium’s website currently features a Back to School section where customers can make purchases online or get a feel for the kinds of items they are likely to find in the truck and in the shop. From soft, organic Wes & Willy tees to classic Appaman shirts that all of the little men in your life will love wearing, back to school has never looked so good. The website also features a versatile back to school dress that many moms and young girls are sure to agree on. It comes in three colors and can be personalized with your child’s name and the grade they are entering.

The MarketStreet location is here for the summer, but as is the nature of pop-ups, it won’t be there long. Don’t miss your chance to stop in and remember to keep your eyes peeled for the truck. Fortunately, you can’t miss it!