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The seARTS Best in Show – Sponsored by J. Barrett & Co.

Winners: Jennifer Greeke and Eileen Mueller

The judges for this award decided to choose two winners, Greeke’s PAVED PARADISE and Mueller’s Garden GLOW. Greeke’s Paved Paradise represent the designer’s realities of the world with a dark hard outer shell of the jacket and the multi-colored textured pants. While Mueller’s features a layered gown with a hand-painted garden overlay.


Jennifer Greeke’s PAVED PARADISE


Eileen Mueller’s Garden GLOW


Coastal Inspiration Award: Awarded to the Artist with the design considered by the judges to be the most inspired for its movement, form, and texture of the coastline – Sponsored by Flagship Motorcars of Lynnfield/Mercedes-Benz

Winner: Camilla MacFadyen

MacFadyen takes this award with four beautiful looks inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckle who drew single cell sea organisms and marine life. The ocean blue Hydra Coat, Red Algae Flapper Dress, Marine Protozoa Tunic, and Sun and Sea Tunic each have a distinct style with amazing sea colors.



Honorable Mention: Sonja Grondstra

Ocean Angel is a stunning original work of art by jewelry artist Sonja Grondstra: Three types of seaweed, dipped in rubber and then cast in silver, adorn the organza train designed by Amanda Mujica. A beach glass and silver belt, seaweed necklace and earing set, and sea glass ring complete the look. Our model, Sandra Kalambayi is originally from the Congo. Last year Sandra, her mother, and nine siblings fled from Uganda. The family resettled in Lowell thanks to the International Institute of Lowell, the oldest resettlement agency in Massachusetts.



Eco – Upcycled Award – Sponsored by the Common Crow Natural Market

Winner: Barbara Poole

This award is given to the designer who makes an innovative and green friendly line. The coat Poole made is a deconstructed vintage ’80’s leather coat. The back and sleeves are restructured with hand-made felted merino wool, silk, cotton, and machine embroidery.



Honorable Mention: Susan Maserek-Wilson

Dark Roast is a 99% recycled, reused, post-consumer waste jacket made from mylar coffee bags and other materials that would otherwise be in a landfill.



Architectural Award – Sponsored by Epstein-Joslin Architects and the Hamilton Group

Winner: Pavlina Gilson

Awarded to the artist with the design considered by the judges to be the most inspired by the concept of wearable sculpture incorporating structure, shape, and form. Gilson’s white polka dot dress brings back a ’50s style while her wool black-and-white coat with hand-sewn couching was inspired by a medieval castle.



Honorable Mention: Sage Floral Design

Sage Floral Studios’ look is an elegant monochromatic scheme of fresh florals. Winter white oak leaves and hanging amaranths are fashioned into this whimsical gown. The sprightly floral necklace makes this piece fit for fairy tale nuptials! 



Student Innovation Award – Sponsored by Bank Gloucester

Winner: Queen Allotey-Pappoe-MassArt student

A fantasy evening dress made from braided hair craft materials and tinsel pipe cleaners named Midnight Blue. Queen Allotey-Pappoe uses West-African hair braiding and weaving to make this fantastic look.



Honorable Mention: Alexandra Faszewski-LaSalle College

The Onigiri [o-nigiri] Dress is influenced by Japanese culture and fashion. Alexandra Faszweski designed this linen dress based on onigiri [o-nigiri], a triangular rice ball that she often ate while in Japan.


Images courtesy of Linehan Photography