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Imagine a world without colorÂ…color affects our mood and our health and without it we would experience shifts in how we feel, how we act and how we age. We experience color in our food, the choices we select for decorating our homes, the vibrant energetic color from daylight and the clothing that we choose to wear. Our bodies have an innate wisdom that allows us to gravitate to the colors we need.

The theory that color affects our lives has been talked about throughout the ages. The most important form of how we receive color is the full spectrum light of daylight. Think of the bright hues of yellow, orange and red of daylight and how they give energy and the deep calming spectrum of blues, indigo and violet of nighttime, and how they have a calming influenceÂ…this observation then allows us to see how the red end of the spectrum is energizing while the blue end of the color spectrum is relaxing.

Egyptians used colored light as a healing art. Archaeologist discovered pyramids constructed with openings for sunlight for insertion of colored glass and crystals. In the pyramids there were individual healing rooms which resonated with specific color frequencies. The power of full spectrum light has been used for centuries for jaundice, psoriasis, depression and the list goes on. Colored light is used in state-of-the-art treatments to improve your health which improves the look of your skin, the tone of your body and the balancing of emotions. Technology meets science with utilizing colored light on acupuncture points to balance you on a physical and emotional level.

A wise woman once said, “include a variety of color in the food you eat, it will improve your health”. When we ingest food we first ingest the vibration. Visually the color is coded by nature and our bodies respond to the vibration intuitively. The color of any living thing is a sign of health. We find ourselves selecting the best looking apples or the best looking fish, because that is an indicator to us of the freshness and health of our food selections. Kathy from The Blue Moon in Exeter, NH puts this beautifully “food and color are not only an important part of the presentation placed on your plate but for your health long after it passes your palate.”

Our homes and the rooms within them can be designed to provide a solace or a place to energize us, based upon the colors we have selected and what rooms we have chosen to decorate with color. Sigrid Olsen says this so beautifully, “I have used color as a powerful influence throughout my life and career. Even in my home, I enjoy changing the ambiance by altering hues…walls, paintings, even floral arrangements can perk up a room and hence my mood. I have one turquoise wall in my living room that reminds me of the Caribbean and another in the guest bath that I have painted the color of orange marmalade, and accented with seashells and paintings in warm neutral tones.”

Color is energy, and each color has a frequency that has nutritional value which is food for our development and evolvement of many aspects of our being. Surrounding ourselves with uplifting colors and environment that creates positive visual impressions, can have a strong impact on how we present ourselves and interact with our world.

Dawn Tardif, D. Ay.

BodiScience Holistic Spa