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Makeup lovers can attest to the fact that the quest for full lashes is a look worth pursuing. Whether you want to pump up the volume for a special occasion with a temporary faux pair or receive a full or partial set of lash extensions, Blink Skincare & Lash Studio is where you want to be. Owned and operated by lash artist and licensed esthetician Robin Grant, this studio is everything a customer could desire. From the light and bright décor to top of the line skincare services, waxing and spray tans (not to mention an impressive curated candle collection that includes the Rewined brand) this studio is a calming retreat.

Who are lash extensions for? A wide range of ages and eye colors, says Grant. When considering extensions, Grant advises clients to be realistic about their natural lashes when thinking about the result they want. Blink specializes in volume lashes, a Russian technique that allows for a look Grant refers to as “fake natural”. At Blink, it’s the job of every lash artist to strike a balance between the desired outcome and keeping natural lashes healthy. When applied correctly, lash extensions do not harm natural lashes, which is why having extensions applied by a professional is so important (we are talking about your eyes after all!) Top heavy extensions have the potential to strain natural lashes, which will only shorten the life of extensions. That said, if a client’s natural lashes can support an extra bold set, the artists at Blink are happy to oblige!



“We are known for more of a natural feeling set of lashes,” says Grant. The lashes Blink uses look and feel like natural lashes, the importance of which is hard to overstate given that extensions are applied to your lashes, so something that feels natural is desirable.

Following an extension service, there are dos & don’t but overall extensions are fairly low maintenance, making this an easy choice for someone who wants the look of full lashes without daily mascara. Grant says most clients forgo mascara altogether but if you do choose to add it, take care to select a brand that is neither waterproof or water resistant. The studio carries a water-soluble mascara that is specifically made for lash extensions. Many Blink clients are fans of lash conditioners, the studio recommends the Revitalash brand. After extensions, clients must avoid wetting lashes for 12 hours.  After that, lashes are water resistant and safe for a dip in the pool or ocean. The one thing you must do is use cleansers and makeup removers that are Propylene Glycol free and oil free in order to preserve extensions.

Lashes can be maintained with fills (either full or partial) and typically occur every three weeks. If a fill is skipped, a set of lash extensions will grow off in accordance with your natural lash cycle. The studio also offers patch test appointments for clients interested in the service who want to try out a small number of lashes before having a full or partial set applied.

Given their extensive skill set, Blink is also in the business of correcting or repairing the lashes of clients who come to them from other service providers. While highly skilled in this area, make Blink your first stop for lash extensions rather than your second. You’re sure to leave with the lashes you’ve always dreamed of.