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Nobody—and no body—is exactly alike, so why should cosmetic procedures be one-size-fits all? 

That’s the philosophy at Level Up Med Spa, which just opened in September in Andover and combines the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques with personalized treatment plans to maximize results. 

“We really care about the customer experience more than anything besides results,” says Level Up Med Spa co-owner Michael Napolitano. 

Level Up Med Spa combines the medical expertise of co-owner MaryAnn Millar, MD, a board-certified physician with three decades of practice in gynecology, and general, wellness, and integrated medicine, with that of Napolitano, who spent many years working in the medical device industry before co-founding Level Up Med Spa. 

That collective expertise means that Level Up Med Spa has its finger on the pulse of the latest and most highly rated medical aesthetic technology on the market. 

For instance, Napolitano points to Emtone, a nonsurgical cellulite treatment technology that Level Up Med Spa offers and that clients would otherwise have to travel outside of New England to access. 

Napolitano calls the Emtone technology “revolutionary” because of the way it uses heat and pressure to reduce the bands of connective tissue that contribute to the lumpy look of cellulite. 

“We can go ahead and get rid of that textured cellulite look on the legs or the arms or the belly,” he says. “It leaves you looking smooth…Four treatments and you’re pretty much good to go for four to six months.” 

In addition, all the technology that Level Up Med Spa uses is expertly vetted by Napolitano himself, who ensures that they’re only using the highest-rated treatments on the market. 

“I’ve only picked machines that are highly rated,” he says. “What that means is the stuff we have works.” 

However, it’s not only the individual technological tools that make Level Up Med Spa special; it’s also the way they’re combined with each other to produce the most effective treatments and personalized results. 

“We put together packages that work extremely well,” Napolitano says. “We are the one-stop shop. We have the whole gamut, and we’ve found a way to pair all our equipment together.” 

For instance, they might pair truSculpt iD for fat reduction with microneedling to treat fine lines and wrinkles to give clients a nonsurgical facelift. 

“We can combine those two to tighten up the neck and jawline…while doing the same thing that Botox and fillers can do, but all natural,” he says. 

For those who do opt for Botox and fillers, Level Up Med Spa offers that, too, along with a host of other treatments, from chemical peels, to dermaplaning, to laser hair and vein removal, to laser vaginal rejuvenation. 

All of that is done in a brand-new building, in a sleekly designed space, and with the expertise of Dr. Millar and her team of aestheticians who help clients look and feel their best. It’s something that Napolitano and Millar take very seriously and find joy in every day. 

“I enjoy working with people and helping them transform themselves and helping them find that confidence again,” he says. 

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