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Our parents or grandparents may remember a time when the family physician made house calls, and all the tools of the profession fit in a little black medical bag light enough to be toted everywhere. Chances were, back then there was only one doctor in town, so choosing your caregiver wasn’t an issue.

Today, choice is the operative word. And while that’s certainly good news, finding the right physician from a sea of options is a daunting task that can feel overwhelming, if not impossible. How, out of hundreds, do you find “the one”? The one with the specific expertise and specialty you’re looking for. The right personality and communication style. The right locations, hours and practice profile. And when you finally narrow the field and think you’ve found the one, are they even accepting new patients?

That’s where Beverly Hospital’s physician finder services come in. With a growing base of over 130 exceptional primary care physicians, we definitely present you with a wide range of options. And we recognize that you’re going to need some help sorting through them. Their varied backgrounds and areas of expertise are broad and confidence-inspiring, but no doubt, a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to find the right match for you or your family’s individual healthcare needs. Where do you begin?

Beverly Hospital has 3 excellent places to start the process. First, a personalized service called HealthConnection lets you speak directly with our HealthConnection Coordinator who will listen closely to the specific things you are looking for in a physician. We’ll provide you with information about various options, physician’s backgrounds, credentials, clinical interests and availability. If you’re looking for a male or female physician and a specific geographic area, we’ll help you narrow the field to facilitate your choice. Your second option for quickly assessing the information you need is our “FindADoctor” feature available on our website. Using criteria you define and easy step-by-step directions, you can surf on your own for a suitable PCP. A third option is to request Beverly Hospital’s PCP Directory, a comprehensive printed resource which lists all of our physicians, provides photos and pertinent data.

So, here’s the good news. You live on the North Shore where a large number of the finest primary care physicians have chosen to practice. And with Beverly Hospital’s physician finder services, finding yours doesn’t have to feel like trying to find the proverbial needle in haystack. With personalized assistance from HealthConnection at 888-253-0800, website at, or our free PCP Directory, you have three convenient ways to find the primary thing you’re looking for: peace of mind.

Easy ways to find the physician who is right for you:

– Call the Beverly Hospital HealthConnection: 888-253-0800

– Use the “FindADoctor” search feature on