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What a difference a day can make. Especially if in a single day, you can undergo surgery and return home, when previously you might have spent a night or more in the hospital. Thanks to advances in surgery and anesthesia, outpatient surgery, also known as day surgery, is a safe and preferred option for more and more procedures, from gynecological surgery to shoulder arthroscopy used to repair a rotator cuff.

If day surgery is in the future for you or a family member, what can you expect, and what are the best ways to prepare?

First, expect anesthesia to pave the way for a fast recovery. “The state of the art in day surgery is shorter-actinganesthetic drugs. They are very effective at keeping pain and nausea at bay and then quickly wearing off when we need them to without the lingering effects of other kinds of anesthesia,” says Jonathan Jaques, MD, medical director of day surgery at Beverly Hospital at Danvers, Medical and Day Surgery Center. Together with minimally invasive approaches to many surgeries, this revolution is the reason that patients can sit up and greet family members right after surgery, and go home soon afterward.

Next, remember that even though you may feel good after your procedure, day surgery is still surgery. The best way to recover fully is to go home and rest. Don’t make plans to go shopping or return to work the same day as your surgery.

Expect your family or friends to play an important role in your day surgery experience. From spending time with you just before and after surgery to providing a ride home and helping you recover comfortably, day surgery enables your loved ones to be more involved.

Guidelines for the best experience begin with “Choose the right place.” Expert care delivered in a comforting environment is key. At Beverly Hospital at Danvers, for example, patients will find a highly trained and experienced staff of surgeons and anesthetists. Many of the surgical nurses have more than 20 years of experience – and a talent for helping patients and family members feel at ease. And, the staff, from surgeons to post-operative nurses live right here, on the north shore; they appreciate what it means to provide high quality and personalized care for their friends, their neighbors, and their community.

After scheduling a day surgery, patients can focus on being informed and prepared. Some research shows that this speeds recovery and reduces pain. Be sure to ask your physician or nurse what to expect the day of surgery, and what your recovery will be like: How long you should take off from work? How much if any discomfort and pain medication should you anticipate? To go a step further, take advantage of some of the highly regarded programs offered on-site at Beverly Hospital at Danvers, such as preparing for surgery, physical rehabilitation and lifestyle management. Be sure to communicate with staff at the surgical facility the day before your procedure, to review instructions or ask questions. And at Beverly Hospital at Danvers, expect yourself and your family members to be well cared for and well-informed from the moment you schedule your surgery through your recovery at home. For the seasoned staff, it is all in a day’s work.

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Beverly Hospital at Danvers, Medical and Day Surgery Center is located right off Routes 1, 95 and 62 in Danvers.