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A New Era of Medical Records


Physicians’ affiliated with Beverly and Addison Gilbert hospitals have been busy adopting a technology to improve communication and the safety of patients. Gone are the days when physicians documented your care in a paper chart or asked you to gather up your own medical records, medications records, lab work or x-rays from previous physicians and bring them to your upcoming appointment.

So what’s different?  In a word, everything, thanks to the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). If your physician is affiliated with Beverly or Addison Gilbert hospitals, you may have already had a visit with a physician who uses an EMR.

No  newcomer to this exciting technology, Beverly and Addison Gilbert physicians have been leaders in implementing EMR technology on the North Shore, in the state and nationally. Currently, 88 percent of the primary care physicians associated with Beverly and Addison Gilbert utilize this technology and approximately 94 percent of patients that seek treatment in our community have their medical data contained within an electronic medical record.

At a touch of a button, physicians and their support staff now have clinical data readily available to make informed decisions about your care.  All of your medical data is securely held within the EMR.  Physicians can instantly access your information and review your test results and latest office visit notes for the purposes of providing your treatment.  Primary care and specialists alike can easily share information and access your medical history, current health issues, medications, allergies, lab results or other physicians’ consult notes through secure email technology.  This technology allows the clinical team involved in your care to collaborate and exchange treatment information electronically and securely.

The benefits to you are many. The errors and delays involved in handwritten, hand-delivered data are a thing of the past. Increased accuracy and improved patient safety are facilitated. Greater efficiency in record keeping is possible. Speed and convenience are increased. No more waiting, for example, at the pharmacy while your prescription is ‘phoned-in’. Physicians have the capability to fax or email your prescription directly from their EMR to the pharmacy so your prescription is ready and waiting when you arrive. And more importantly, you have peace of mind knowing that all your health information is securely held in your physician’s EMR accessible only to those who are directly involved with your care.

What more could you ask for? Actually, upcoming enhancements to the EMRs will further expand the power and reach of this innovative system including the possibility for you to request medication renewals or appointments on-line.  Physicians will have the ability to track patients who have not been seen and send them on-line reminders to schedule a preventive exam or follow-up medical appointment.

When you hear the phrase “Electronic Medical Records” you might assume it has very little to do with you. The reality is, it has everything to do with you – everything related to your medical history, current health status and on-going needs, right at your physician’s fingertips.

Electronic Medical Records: just one more example of the way Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital are keeping cutting-edge technology at our physician’s fingertips. And, together we’re all the better for it.

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